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Just a small question but I hatched an Hidden ability Scorbunny while preparing for an battle with my friend and don't know which is better, Blaze or Libero?

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Libero is SUPERIOR to Blaze
The reason for that is, Libero changes your type with the move you choose, and the move will get STAB while Blaze only boosts Fire type moves when the user HP is at 1/3 of it full health.

So choose Libero over Blaze.
Libero > Blaze

Source: Competitive knowledge

Hope I helped!

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hm i knew libero is like proten but as I never got an hidden ability scorbunny prior to this I didn't actually know which is better.
What would you choose? An ability that change your type with the type move and givr the move STAB, or an ability that only boost fire type move when youre pokemon is almost faint?
Also if you battling a tyranitar and your cinderace have libero and iron head, you just need to use iron head so your type is steel and iron head get STAB, and tyranitar rock move will become not very effective rather than super effective
Frozen inferno you said libero "lbero"
Typoed, my bad