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I need to know which one is more useful to use on my Ninetales.

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What is the moveset? We need more data. Is this in game or competitive? Edit: Still need more info, is this competitive or in game? Edit: You need to know the pokemon that might get Flamethrower or Will-O-Wisp, I know the mon, but others don't. Edit: What tournament?
What tournament?
Is this competitive? We still need more info.
yes its competive
Oh, ok.
What format/rules are you playing with? Singles or doubles? Are there any Pokemon, moves, or abilities that you're not allowed to use?
Why is this flagged?
They don't say if its singles or doubles or format

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Ok, I'm going to say that this is competitive. In competitive, ninetales is a sun setter, that is outclassed my torkoal, but if you really want to use it, use will-o-wisp. It has pretty bad bulk, and will-o-wisp can cripple physical attackers. Here's a good set:

Ninetales @ Leftovers
Ability: Drought
EVs: 252 HP / 120 Def / 136 Spe
Timid Nature
- Flamethrower
- Will-O-Wisp
- Encore
- Foul Play

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Why Will-O-Wisp on a nasty plot set?
Yeah, and this could be in game too.
Shoot I pasted the wrong set. I'm such an idiot. Thanks man. Also, I said I was assuming
Correct me if I am wrong, but why foul play while you have will-o-wisp? Don't burns halve their attack stat?
Foul play is for pokemon that are already statused or are immune to will-o-wisp
@Roaring Rowlet burns don’t half your Attack stat; they half the power of all of your Physical moves.
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Flamethrower. It has high damage and a Burn doesn't do much damage. If you have quite a bit of damage attacks Will-o-wisp won't be bad.

The main point of burns since gen 7 is to halve the power of physical attacks.