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In what context? Is this for ingame, or competitive? If it's competitive, what format?

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Dragapult is the better Pokemon to use.

  • Amazing Spe and Atk

  • Solid SpA if you want Special moves instead

  • Has a good chunk of resistances and two immunities

  • Takes soooooooooo long to evolve

  • Has a good movepool

Here's a suggested moveset:

Dragapult @anything


Ability: Clear Body

  • Shadow Ball

  • Dragon Claw

  • U-turn

  • Thunderbolt

Hope I helped!

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Why do you choose Phantom Force over Shadow Ball?
I would suggest Dragon Darts instead of Dragon Claw. Dragapult learns it upon evolution, and Drakloak and Dreepy don't learn it through TR.
Dragapult has a higher Attack than Special Attack
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- Shed Skin is decent
- Very high Defense and solid Attack
- Learns moves like Glare, High Horsepower, Iron Head, and Zen Headbutt
- Pretty slow
- Frail in terms of HP and Special Defense

- All three Abilities are very good
- Almost even attacking stats allow it to go mixed
- Extremely high Speed
- Learns moves like Dragon Darts, Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, U-turn, and Sucker Punch
- Very frail
- Obtained late

They're pretty different from each other. Use Sandaconda for a slow physical attacker, and Dragapult for a versatile, speedy and frail attacker.

Sandaconda @ anything
Ability: Shed Skin
- High Horsepower / Earthquake
- Iron Head
- Fire Fang / Iron Head
- Glare

Dragapult @ anything
Ability: any
- Dragon Pulse
- Shadow Ball
- U-turn
- Flamethrower

Hope I helped!