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If you import a shedinja with mimic from previous games, will the guy at the battle tower remove it from shedinja?
Is it possible to use shedinja with mimic in vgc competitive play in sword and shield or is that banned?


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The entire point of the battle-ready mark, which VGC formats and all other Battle Stadium formats on the ranked ladder require, is that a Pokemon cannot get it without deleting its previous moves, as well as any record that it ever had those moves. This guarantees that neither you nor your opponents have any way to access moves a Pokemon could only get by transferring from a previous generation, like Mimic, if you want to play those formats.

You can still challenge random people to battles over the Y-Comm without being tied to the Battle Stadium infrastructure, and those battles do not require the battle-ready mark or a particular origin, so you can still use previous-generation moves there. However, those battles are also not VGC, and will not qualifying you for anything to do with the competitive circuit.

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What would happen if an hacked one with mimic and from galar is introduced inside the game. Could that one be used for competitive play or the game will block you from starting a battle? (just curious to know).

But sometimes the battle-ready-mark delete moves on my transfered mons and few moments later my Pokemon can learn these moves again via TM? It's not always optimal..
If the Pokemon can learn the move by a current-generation TM or TR (such as Surf on Pikachu), then that isn't a move that it could *only* learn from a previous generation. After you get the battle-ready mark (which resets the moves to whatever its most recent level-up moves would be at that level), you can still update its moveset, but only using the mechanisms that exist in the current games.