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In Pokémon Moon, I have a shiny Lv. 100 male Umbreon, Calm Nature, moveset is:
Dark Pulse
Ability is Synchronize, and it's current item is a Sitrus Berry. I'm not sure if I should keep it with a Sitrus Berry or give something better for competeitive play.

Leftovers is almost always better. This Umbreon looks like it's supposed to last more than 4 turns, so leftovers would heal more than sitrus berry. By the way, replace dark pulse with foul play. It will usually deal more damage than dark pulse. EV train it to have 252 HP/252 Def/4 SpD.
Is this singles or doubles? Leftovers is better for singles, but Sitrus gets more use out of double battles because they are generally shorter.

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Leftovers is usually good for stallers like umbreon sitrus berry is okay but one sixteenth is really better than sitrus in my opinion.

Good answer, but in the same battle team, my Sylveon has Leftovers, and I can't have two Pokémon on the same team with the same item.
In that case, you should give it a rocky helmet to annoy contact users.
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If it is EV trained in sp. atk, give it a dread plate, which boosts its dark type moves by 20%. If umbreon is more of a pvp Pokemon, I recommend a dark gem.
I hope this helped :)

explain "pvp pokemon"
max spatk, dark gem, and dread plate also aren't very good for umbreon because of its low spatk