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In Pokemon Sun and Moon, I'm trying to find a shiny Eevee by chaining. Though, if you chain for a long time, and you start at night but it changes to day while chaining, what happens? Will Eevee call Umbreon or Espeon?

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Do you mean SOS encounter, whether you'll encounter an Umbreon or Espeon when the night changes into the day?
Eevee's evolution depends on the time it levels up, not the time it's caught.
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If you did, Sir Terlor, then read the rest of the question first before you change it. Why'd you edit it anyway?

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If you are asking how your Eevee evolves when battling, it evolves into either Espeon or Umbreon when it has high friendship (200+) and evolves under these timeframes.

Day time is 4:00 AM - 5:59 PM and night time is 6:00 PM - 3:59 AM.

If you are asking how to encounter an Espeon or an Umbreon when SOS chaining, then this is my answer. When you SOS chain for Eevee at nighttime/daytime, you'll have a chance to encounter Umbreon/Espeon on either Route 4 or Route 6.

Also, if you go through the Ultra Wormhole during the Post-game with either Solgaleo or Lunala in your party, you can "temporarily" change the day into the night (Sun) or the night into the day (Moon).

Source: Knowledge of in-game day/night cycle and Post-game

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So, if you are chaining for Eevee and the time changes from night to day or day to night, your encounter chance for Umbreon/Espeon will change into a chance for Espeon/Umbreon.
Isn't the daylight cycle reversed in Moon?
Yes, for Pokémon Moon, just reverse the times: Ingame Daytime will be 4pm-5:59am and Nighttime will be 6am-3:59pm.
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Well....First, the Eevee needs to build up friendship, that might take awhile... If you get high friendship with the Shiny eevee and its still day, Then you get Espeon. Though, in the process if it turns Night, Umbreon is what you'll get.