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I have a competitive Ninetales (non Alolan) in Pokémon Moon, and I'm not sure what I should do about it's hold item.
Other info; Male, Shiny, ability is Flash Fire, Lv. 100, Timid nature, moveset:
Energy Ball
Dark Pulse
Nasty Plot

Current Held Item: Razor Claw

I'm unsure if I should give it a different item or keep it with a Razor Claw.
(Note: I have this Ninetales on a battle team, and the items on the other Pokémon on that team are Power Herb, Life Orb, Leftovers, Rocky Helmet, and Splash Plate, so please don't suggest any of these items.)

I think the best item is charcoal.
By the way, Ninetales is almost always worse than Volcarona, so you should probably use Volcarona instead of Ninetales.
If I were you, I'd revise your moveset. Here is what I would have for its moveset:
Energy Ball
Dark Pulse
HP-Bug or Fairy


Energy Ball
Toxic / HP-Bug or Poison

As for held item, go with Charcoal or Flame Plate.
A super effective hidden power deals less damage than a regular flamethrower, so it's pretty bad unless the user has experience with the format and has certain threats in mind. Nasty plot is definitely better.
Who cares! I like it when moves in a moveset connect with other moves.
You're making a moveset for someone that's not you, so it's safer to assume that they don't care about the things you do. From my experience, however, it is safe to assume that the other person cares about winning Pokemon battles.
Too bad. Splash Plate would've been great on Ninetales. Maybe you should remove it from the other pokemon and give it to him.
Ninetales has no moves that get powered up by splash plate, so why would it be great on Ninetales?

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I think according to your moveset, the best item should be Choice Specs; your Ninetales should have apretty decent speed stat and with your moveset, you only need to increase its attack power. Earlier I was going to recommend a Choice Scarf but considering its already above average speed combined with timid nature, all you need to focus on is increasing its Special Attack (which is pretty average as you know). The only way you can utilise it is by turning it into a good Special Sweeper as it can fulfil no other roles in your team. But just beware of the fact that though choice specs boost special attack, it will only allow one move to be used so you might have to switch out your Ninetales more often when pitted against different foes in the same battle. However to use them you need to get rid of nasty plot and replace it with any other powerful special attack of your choice since status moves can't work with choice specs.
If you still aren't sure I recommend you search and look at the answers for the moveset question for Ninetales on pokebaseQ&A.
Hope I helped. :)))

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If you're suggesting choice specs, wouldn't it also make sense to include a good replacement for nasty plot in your answer?
Thanks sumwun for pointing that out! :)
So why haven't you included one yet?
well he could keep dazzling gleam in his set i guess thats a pretty decent move
Status moves actually can work with choice items. Some choice item users use trick or switcheroo, and occasionally there will be ones with healing wish or toxic.
The only problem I have with the Choice Specks is that I have Nasty Plot because of Overheat's recoil (which lowers Sp. Atk by two stages). Thanks for the answer, and I might use Choice Specks., depends on if I find a good replacement.
You can switch out immediately after using overheat. It's often better than using nasty plot.