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Gender: Rice
Favorite Pokémon: Eevee, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon, and Sylveon
Friend Codes: 3325-7401-0121 (The one I use the most often)


Please let me know if you want to friend me and I'll friend you back I'm accepting all requests

Here are all the formats I play: ZU, PU, UU (sort of), OU (sort of,  Monotype, Ubers (sort of), and BSS

Here are all my db showdown accounts:
Aura Bladez
Delta NebbyY
Terlor Is Cancer
Terlor Sucks
KYS Terlor
Drink Bleach Terlor
I Hate Terlor
A Fairy $layer

The user “EvilTwineedleTM” or any form of EvilTwinNeedle is FAKE don’t listen to them.
About me: I wasn’t about to go in, but now I feel like I have to
You know?
**** it
Haha yeah, alright

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Me and rice in a house with like 8 floors
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About the tourney

Do you want to be part of our unofficial tourney? (NOT approved by db.) The rules go like this:

You battle your opponent 3 times. Each battle, you use different tourney ideas.

For the first, we use Helix716’s Trick Room tourney. All your Pokémon have to have Trick Room. Stakata is banned.

For the second, we use LeafyBlade’s birthday tourney. Only Pokémon that can learn Celebrate or Present are allowed. Victini is banned. (Your Pokémon don’t actually have to have Present/Celebrate on their moveset though.)

For the third, we use ETN's Overprotective Tourney idea. You bring 6 Pokémon, but only choose 3 to battle with. If any of your Pokémon faint, you automatically lose. Format is BSS. (So evasion, baton pass and stuff are allowed.)

Best 2 out of 3

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a move in the tourney*
42 minutes ago by SeeYaLater
ETN, you must have Celebrate as
42 minutes ago by SeeYaLater
Someone removed their vote.
10 hours ago by Fizz
12 hours ago by Pokémon Guy
16 hours ago by Pokémon Guy
half my gang is inactive. And we kind of know each other etn
17 hours ago by LightRoserade
19 hours ago by MoonlitMadness
19 hours ago by MoonlitMadness
You commonly use this "LMAO", and this, *
20 hours ago by The Poipole
Ha hah...
20 hours ago by Pokémon Guy