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I’m not too sure which one to use... (I have 4 Umbreons and 2 Espeons)

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You can make yourself an eeveelutions team! Just replace all but one of your Umbreons and one of your Espeons with other Eeveelutions.
You can easily have more than six pokemons, especially in generation six and seven games, there is no need to limitate to just one of them.

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While Umbreon is a better Pokemon competitively (by a narrow margin, but still), ingame teams need a fast and strong attacker to quickly finish battles, a field Espeon excels in, whereas Umbreon is quite lackluster.

Umbreon is more for stall type of defensive playing, which is not suited, or rather, not required for the game.

A good Espeon moveset generally has Psychic, Shadow Ball, Signal Beam and one other filler, the first two being almost mandatory.

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Okay! Thanks!
My Espeon has Signal Beam, Psychic, Shadow Ball, and Dazzling Gleam.
Glad I could be of help :)

And @Jason, yes, that does seem perfect for in-game. I knew I was forgetting the 4th move, i.e. Dazzling Gleam. That's mighty common now in Gen6+ replacing Signal Beam
Ya, I love the new Move Tutors. It fits my "quirk" of having a Pokémon's moveset consist of types that connect through resistance, weakness, or immunity.

So, Espeon's moveset consists of Fairy-, Psychic- Bug-, and Ghost-types .
Fabulous. ♦♣♠♥.
I love this! Thanks for the feedback about this. I'm going to use that the next time I get on my game.