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I'd like to know which Pokemon in the Black and White meta-game will be able to outspeed both:

  • Haxorus # Choice Scarf with
    252 Speed EVs
    Adamant nature
    (I do not know my Haxorus' IVs yet, so assume the IVs in Speed are 2)

  • Haxirys # Choice Band with
    252 Speed EVs
    Adamant nature

I am no good with the Generation V meta-game yet so I don't know what threats there are out there and what is popular. So if anybody could provide any popular Pokemon used in the meta-game that is able to outspeed both Haxorus (I don't even know how to calc!), it would be much appreciated.

03.20.2012 1:10p


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Ok for the choice scarf, Adamant nature, 252 EVs in Speed, and 2 IVs in Speed he would have 405.7 Speed. So he has just enough speed to outspeed Jolteon but is still outspeed by Accelgor/Electrode. That is pretty good. Though neither of those will be found in OU(at least not often), Scarf-Hydregion will still outspeed. The secondd one is outsped by most sweepers so I recommend the choice scarf. Personally I usually go Jolly with Dragon-dance, that way he can speed up even more and boost his Attack to even higher levels, but if you do not want to run D-dance go with the Choice-scarf.

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Garchomp is Uber and Jolteon is OU.
I said Accelgor and Electrode would not be found in OU. And sorry I keep forgetting about Garchomp because I still think he does not belong in Uber.
I see dat now.
I was afraid a Scarfed Hydreigon would pop up.
And yes I wanted it to be Scarfed because I don't want to use Dragon Dance in this set, but this was exactly what I was looking for, thanks Speed freak!
No problem 4x Sam. :)