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Favorite Pokémon: Mismagius, Ho-Oh, & Hatterene
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Hmm, i might do it :)
But it will take sometimes especially i have exam coming.
5 hours ago by Creative481
Hmm, i guess youre right. Im just starting, but i want to make big project right of the start. And obviously im not ready, so i need to do it slowly i guess. Thanks hex :D
22 hours ago by Creative481
so im pretty confused with playing the instrument, cause i dont want to use all loops. usually I use beat pattern to make beat by myself(although i just click and click). so maybe you could help me with that? like making a soundtrap account and collaborate with me to help me make and put some music in there. if you dont want too its okay, trying different DAW is pretty hard when you already have your main DAW. thanks hex :)
3 days ago by Creative481
that is my question. probably my project about the lycrics and music with no vocal, but i need help.
can you help me hex?
5 days ago by Creative481
hey hex, i want your opinion on my music there. i think the dark music that i made its not that great :(
and its probably not wahat youre expecting :( sorry hex..
6 days ago by Creative481
Nov 20 by mega mismagius
Eyo whatcha doin'?
Nov 19 by RaidenTheSworded 雷電
Indeed. XD
Nov 15 by Fenton Force
Fascinating... I may have to explore the cosmos for those sometime.
Nov 14 by Fenton Force