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Gender: Male
Country: Norway
Favorite Pokémon: Mismagius, Hatterene & Ho-Oh~
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About me: Hi, I am ΗΕΧΗΑΛΕΜ. ~(!O++O)~!!

Video games: Pokemon, Skyrim, Diablo III, Need for Speed (Undercover, Hot Pursuit, & more), League of Legends, Wii Sports & Wii Sports Resorts, Donkey Kong, Minecraft

In the beginning, there was man
Then, man made the Maschine ~ in his own likeness.
Thus did man become the architect of his own Dhelmise

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Hope life's treating you well, Hex.
Sep 18 by Fritjof
Aug 10 by xPsydxck
Jun 1 by Shadowcat
Quackers F.C. is back Hex! When are you coming back? :/
Jun 1 by xPsydxck
Rest in spaghetti
Never forgetti
Make me upsetti
Apr 30 by xPsydxck
Man you really need to come back! Seeing that very similar user in the post below by WilloWisp, are you perhaps using a different account now?
Apr 23 by xPsydxck
Remember that massive wall of text you had up on your "Gender" page?
You know, the text detailing things that can't exist without the other, such as Yin and yang.
Anyways, I started thinking that maybe I should write a poem on it, and I did. Thanks for the inspiration! Literally couldn't have done it without you.
Apr 15 by Puncuation Leader
Hex where'd you go? :(
You needa come back!
Apr 11 by xPsydxck

Do you know anything about this person? Your names and IPs are similar.
Mar 2 by Amethyst
what happen to your grav?
Feb 23 by Chaos481