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For my team, this is the rest of my team:
-Hawlucha (Cha)

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Houndoom gets its good moves later than Vikavolt does, and it has weaker special attack. I'd probably recommend Vikavolt.
I was also thinking about adding a Clefable.

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It has great SpA, 145. Offensive stats are more useful on in-game team. It helps you to sweep your opponent and finish the game quickly. It can heal itself using Roost. You can get Grubbin quickly on Route 1. Grubbin's growth rate is medium fast while Houndoor's growth rate is slow. Grubbin evolves to Charge but at Level 20 and then you need to evolve it in a magnetic field area. But Houndoom evolves at level 24
Also you already has a dark type. Using 2 dark type on a team isn't good. Your team wiil be weak to Fighting, Bug types. Vikavolt looks cool and it has a useful ability. That's why I recommend Vikavolt for your team.

Hope I helped.

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