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I'm looking for a rock/ground type user for my ultra sun playthrough and I was wondering which of Garchomp, Swampert and Dusk Lycanroc is more effective for Ultra Sun/Moon playthroughs?

I can get gible, mudkip and rockruff all at level 1 and none of them will have boosted experience points either
What does the rest of you team look like, or what starter will you choose?
The rest of my team consists of Intimidate Incineroar, Protean Greninja, Long Reach Decidueye, Technican Scizor and Levitate Eelektross
Personally I would take Garchomp, primarily because Lycanroc has comparably lower stats and Swampert shares a type with Greninja (although they play different roles).
It doesn't matter that Greninja and Swampert would be on the same team because Greninja has Protean

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Garchomp. 150 BP Earthquake with 130 Attack and a Swords Dance eliminates everything that isn't immune or quad resistant. Also, it has a coverage move for its two biggest weaknesses, Ice and Fairy respectively, in Iron Head. Lycanroc has way too many weaknesses and few ways to counter said weaknesses. Swampert does get Ice Beam to cover Grass, but not by leveling up and it is not a Special Attacker, and the only physical Ice moves it gets in Gen 7 are egg moves. If you are willing to put the time and effort to get a Garchomp from a level one Gible, it beats both Swampert and Lycanroc by a large margin. Hope this helps.

What about the fact that Swampert has 5 resistances and is only weak to one type that is not usually on Pokemon where it isn't STAB.
Yes, but when it does eventually come across a Grass type, it doesn't have anything for it. As I said above, the only physical moves it gets to cover Grass are Ice moves by breeding and Sludge Wave by TM.
Well, it's a good thing you can have 6 Pokemon in a party, so when Swampert is in battle, and you see your opponent is switching into a grass type, you can switch out into somebody who can take care of grass better than Swampert. Also, the OP said that he is breeding for all of these Pokemon anyway, so if they really wanted to have a Swampert that was made to destroy Grass types, they have the option.