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So I'm starting the game and I want a recommendation of 2° Pokemon that's easy to obtain.(Can be other than these two)!

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Purrloin isn't the best Dark-type. As a pure Dark-type, Zorua is much better. It gains boosted experience as it belongs to N, it's very easy to grind. While it's still as frail as Purrloin, it hits harder and has access to good coverage moves, albeit later in the game.

Sandile and Scraggy are also very useful. Both are obtained early-mid game, and their access to good coverage TMs allow them to sweep in fights. The later itself can defeat 3/4th of the Elite Four, handles Iris pretty well as well as Ghetsis.

If this is White 2, then Pidove can later be switched with Braviary. But early game, your best bet is to get hands on it along with Riolu.

Name: Pidove
Availability: Early Game, Route 20, 25% (5% Summer)
Stats: Above average Attack and Speed with decent bulk.
Typing: Your early-game Normal/Flying type. Offensively, strong against Fight, Bug, and Grass, while weak to Rock and Steel.
Movepool: What it needs, and nothing more. It gets STAB Return before the first Gym, and doesn't get a physical Flying-type move until Fly. Its movepool is shallow, so it doesn't learn anything else that's noteworthy.
Major Battles: It is strong against Burgh and Marshall, although it doesn't get any good options against Bug-type by Burgh.
Additional Comments: It has what it needs to function, and nothing more. Play it to its strengths and it will help out against most trainers.

I recommend this set:
Unfezant @ anything
Ability: Super Luck
- Return
- Fly
- Roost
- U-turn (filler)

As for the other option early game, Riolu is suggested.

Name: Riolu
Availability: Early Game, Floccesy Ranch, 5%
Stats: Riolu's strong points are its base 70 Attack and 60 Speed. Upon evolution, Lucario gets a great 110 Attack and 115 Special Attack along with a nice 90 Speed.
Typing: Fighting/Steel is shared only with Cobalion, and Lucario can take advantage of it to switch in on weaker attacks.
Movepool: Lucario's main Achilles heel in-game. He is restricted to Force Palm for Fighting STAB until level 51. Close Combat comes at 55, barely making it before the Elite Four. He has Bone Rush for Ground-type coverage and Metal Claw as an additional STAB. Dark Pulse is learned at base and has good coverage with his Fighting moves. Tutor-wise, the main moves you will want to save up for are Ice Punch and possibly Drain Punch.
Major Battles: He beats Cheren pretty handily with Force Palm if you have it. Lucario has its advantages and disadvantages against the other Gyms though. For the Elite Four, Dark Pulse and Close Combat/Aura Sphere will destroy Caitlin, Grimsley, and Shauntal.

Lucario @ Expert Belt
- Dark Pulse
- Force Palm --> Aura Sphere / Close Combat
- Bone Rush
- Metal Claw --> Meteor Mash


Hope this helps!

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