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For my last party member, I'll need a Water-Type. Both Milotic and Tirtouga are cool, but which do you reccomend best though? And also which one can I get sooner in the game?

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Neither of these Pokemon are obtainable until postgame. Fossils are in Twist Mountain and Feebas/Milotic is at Route 1

I'd recommend getting a Swanna on the Driftveil Drawbridge as it can learn Surf, Dive, Waterfall, and Fly, but I understand if Swanna is lame which it is
Also nice Teba nickname
Swanna is very pretty! Also uh I think in BW2 you get the fossils from Nacrene Museum? Getting them in the mountain is from BW1 iirc.

Also yeah might consider getting a Swanna. (P.S: How to catch mons in the Drawbridge?)

and yes Teba BOTW Reference hehe
Actually you are right, about the Museum thing, however Nacrene City is a postgame location.

To catch Pokemon on the drawbridge, run around until you either hear or see a shadow appear on the ground. It will sound like a rustling of feathers. You can find Ducklett, Swanna, and I think Wingull.
Also, I would replace Pidove/Altaria instead of Zoroark. It's good to not have type overlap especially with flying type and Zoroark is really good against two members of the Elite Four and just a good pokemon in general.
um yeah, I think I'll just get a Swanna and yeah forget about me getting an Altaria.

That way I'll replace my Tranquill I guess.
K I'll just answer then

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I recommend using either Azumarill or Starmie.

Availability: Early Game, Floccesy Ranch, 20% (Azurill) - Mid Game, Route 6, 5% (Marill)
Stats: Only really lacking in Speed, but Azumarill is both bulky and packs a real punch when using Huge Power. It has essentially 150 Base Attack.
Typing: Water is a great typing both offensively and defensively. Water STAB in general is a huge asset and there are no principle Grass- and Electric-type trainers to worry about.
Movepool: Azurill gets access to Frustration as soon as it is obtained, and then Return immediately after the first gym. This goes well with its Normal typing and its evolution type. After that, Azumarill gets Aqua Tail at level 21, and then access to Waterfall and Superpower, as well as Ice Punch through tutoring.
Major Battles: It has uses against most of the gyms, just through sheer strength. Clay should prove no obstacle, and you can even smash through Drayden's Dragons. Against the Elite Four it is a similar story, just by using sheer strength. With Ice Punch you can take on Iris in a similar fashion, taking hits and firing back with super effective moves.
Additional Comments: Only use Huge Power. The other abilities will not help you at all. All you need is to take advantage of that wonderful Attack.

Availability: Late Game, Undella Town, 30% (Surf)
Stats: Staryu and Starmie have an great amount of Speed and good Special Attack.
Typing: Water/Psychic is good typing, allowing for a lot of powerful moves, but it has a few weaknesses.
Movepool: Bordering on shallow. It relies on TMs to function well, but if you have Surf and Psychic, you can dish out some serious damage. Moves like Ice Beam, Blizzard, Thunderbolt, and Thunder are great for coverage.
Major Battles: It has trouble with Drayden and Colress. It is able to solo Marshal, but performs pretty poorly against the rest of the Elite 4.
Additional Comments: Definitely evolve as soon as possible. It has nothing worth learning naturally.


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Neither of those Pokemon can be obtained before the Hall of Fame in b2. I would recommend getting a Swanna on Driftveil Drawbridge as it can learn many hm moves.

More details in comments.

Glad I could help

Swanna's stats are pretty bad. It's probably better to use a different water Pokemon in battle and use a Ducklett HM slave.