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Hi. I'm kinda new to Pokemon and this is my second Pokemon game ever. I want a water type for my team in ruby so I can use it for surf. My favourite ones are milotic and tentacruel so I wanted to use one of them. But I dont know which one to use. Both of them are great but I want only one. So which one should I use?


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Tentacruel, no contest. It's extremely difficult to fish up a Feebas, let alone evolve it. It'll waste time when you could be playing the game so much faster. Tentacruel, on the other hand, can be found easily on most water routes. It's fast, and has a very good Special Defense stat. It can learn Cut, Surf, Dive, and Waterfall, making it an exceptional HM slave.

Tentacruel is very clearly the winner, due to ease of access and the HMs it can learn.

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but milotic is worth evolving it
Why is Milotic worth it?