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I am trying to spread Pokerus from my Foongus to my Milotic. I battled like, 3 times and my Milotic just won't catch the Pokerus? Here is my Party order:

sussy baka - Foongus (F) [**INFECTED**]
Megumi - Milotic (F) - [**No PKRS**]
Tonkatsu - Emboar (F) - [*Formerly had PKRS, Cured*]
Voltra - Zekrom - [*Formerly had PKRS, Cured*]
Speedy - Scolipede (F) - [*Formerly had PKRS, Cured*]
Mao - Excadrill (F) - [*Formerly had PKRS, Cured*]


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The Pokérus may spread if an infected Pokémon is in the player's party after a battle. The Pokérus may only spread to a Pokémon directly adjacent to an already infected Pokémon and only if they have never had Pokérus before. Eggs may catch the Pokérus like any other Pokémon.

According to that, the Pokemon must be adjacent to the one already infected before it gets the virus. However, given that your party order has Milotic next to Foongus, I would assume that they are already adjacent

With that in mind, the only other explanation is rng. After all, it does say it 'may' spread not it 'will' spread. Arceus must demand a sacrifice or something before it lets your Milotic gets the virus. Three times just probably isn't enough so you'll have to do more

Source: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pokérus

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