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So I was as usual lvling my Poliwhirl through an exp share and I had to restore my Infernapes health so I went to the Pokécenter and Nurse Joy started rambling and I just clicked by (I wasn't paying attention) and then suddenly she said something about "Pokerus". I talked to her again but all she did was just heal my pokémon.
I decided to ignore it and went on with lvling an after a while of lvling my Poliwhirl I decided to check the stats and I noticed this purple thing with "pkrs" on it. I thought it was just poison at first or a glitch but then I checked my other Pokemon and they all had it!! Roserade, Lileep, Altaria, Golduck, Poliwhirl and Infernape all had the pkrs status! But they weren't even once in battle! (Apart from Infernape)

What is this thing and what does it do to my Pokémon?
Is it bad and does it stay forever?
(This is the first time I wish I had payed attention to Nurse Joy :| )

Dude start spreading that pokerus before its impossible for it to be pass

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Pokerus is an extremely rare condition that is only generated on about 1 in every 21,845 wild or bred Pokémon, making it more rare than encountering a shiny Pokémon!

Pokerus doubles the amount of EVs your Pokémon will gain in a battle! You first got the condition when you were battling a wild Pokémon that had the condition. After defeating said Pokémon, the Pokémon that you were using to battle was also "infected"

After one of your Pokémon was infected the team member(s) directly next to the infected one received Pokerus after a battle until it was spread to all of your team.

After a certain period of time the Pokémon in your party will lose the "pkrs" symbol and Pokerus will no longer be contagious, but the already infected Pokémon will retain the effect of gaining double EVs. You probably want to make sure you can continue to transfer this to other Pokémon in the future so if that is the case you can simply put one of your infected (and still contagious) Pokémon into a PC box until you want to spread it again.

Hope this helped.

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Wow thank you for the info!
This is the very first time I've heard of Pokerus and I've played Pokémon for years!
I'm really happy even though I'm not really into the whole EV thing... I thought it would make my Pokémon weak or something. They all still have Pokerus and I may or may not have spread it to my other Pokémon ._.
All of my pokemon have pokerus. I would say I made it LESS RARE ;)
Within the fist 15 minutes I am playing on my pokemon heart gold, I encounter it..... Wow. I am lucky XD