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I'm currently in Dewford and so far I only have 3 teammates, Kukui the Torchic (F), Evel the Ralts (F) and Evolet the Aron (F). I'm doing a team planning and currently has 2 choices for my water type: Milotic and Walrein.

Which one is better for a casual in-game walkthrough?

Why are you not using Tentacruel or Sharpedo?

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Walrein by a mile. Neither of them is very good (I'd recommend Tentacruel, it's an excellent HM slave and quite specially bulky), but Milotic is just way too hard to get. You can only find Feebas in six tiles of water on just one route, and then you need to max out its Beauty with Pokeblocks. The investment just isn't worth it, and Walrein only comes a bit later than Feebas.

Walrein @ anything
Ability: Thick Fat
- Surf
- Strength
- Ice Beam / Blizzard
- filler

Hope I helped!

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