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I want it to be rather offensive, but a good status move isn't bad either.

Rest of the team:

>blaziken, flygon, exploud, cacturne or shiftry, manectric.
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what is the rest of your team.
blaziken, flygon, exploud, cacturne or shiftry, manectric.
Milotic is better for offensiveness since Walrein's role is to stall.
Now is this in-game or competitive gameplay?
walrein, you need the wall factor
competitive, otherwise i wouldnt be asking, right?
In gen 3 I think Milotic far outclasses Walrein in just about anything. It even stalls better with Marvel Scale + Rest combo, and that SpD. JS, but I think Milotic is the better choice here.
Thanks, I'll do that. Too bad I cant vote your comment :(

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Milotic is good for offensive. It has really good special attack, so giving it something like ice beam or surf would be good. However, walrein has good hp. This makes it a great staller. So toxic would be good on it. Also it has good special attack (not as good as milotic, but still good). So, now you choose with this info. Personally, I recommend walrein.

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Milotic makes a better staller lol
It sure looks like it has better bulk from a distance, but Milotic has just 15 less HP than Walrein, while having much better defenses and a more useful ability (Marvel Scale) for stalling.