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I know both of there spe d is the highest stat but I don't know witch one is better?


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I'm gonna have to say kyogre. You probably wanna know why, right? Well, here's why!

-Kyogre gets 5 HMS where as milotic only gets 3 HMS which makes it a good HM user in battle.
-Kyogre ALSO has a better base attack than milotic, allowing it to have physical moves like dive or waterfall!
-It's primal reversion makes it REALLY powerful and better than milotic in every stat.
-It can take more attacks than milotic can AND dish out more damage too.

So yeah, unless you hate using legendaries, go for kyogre! :3

Hope this helped you! :D

Legendary srsly?  never ever compare normal pokemon to legendaries ever its veeeeerrrrrrry unfair
Cynthia not really, your garchomp is so OP.