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I’m playing Pokemon Ruby on my GBA SP, and I finally caught my Feebas! However, in order to evolve him, I need the necessary pokeblocks. So I planted some Kelpsy berries last night, and played for a few hours after. I got up today and played for a few more hours. When I checked up on my plants, there was no progress! (I had been consistently watering them every few hours I played, watering at least 3 times).
How do I know if my internal battery has run dry? Are there any other indicators besides the start screen message? There isn’t a message when I start the game that tells me it has run dry, so I figured it hadn’t. However, my berries have made no progress at the same time.
I heard about a berry glitch, idk if the internal battery thing is it, or if it’s something completely different.
Is it just my anxiety, do I need to wait a little longer? Or is there really no hope? (I read that Kelpsy berries reach their first stage after 3 hours in gen III)

You should go to https://gbatemp.net/ (GBAtemp) for these kinds of questions. Pokémon Database is for Pokémon related questions.
This relates enough to Pokemon for my liking. The rule is for really broad stuff, like 'Why won't my Sun cartridge load?' or 'How do I sprite Pokemon?'
@Fizz, Ok.
@sumwun i did my research, and for all i can tell, the cartridge is authentic. Perfect logo, perfect font, and perfect spacing. My berries never grew, but, fortunately, i was still able to evolve my feebas. hopefully i’m still able to trade and battle frontier?
Did you look inside the cartridge?

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It should tell you weather it has run dry when you boot up the game but all the internal battery really does to the game is make it so that time doesn't work.