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Share your best in-game teams for Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald on this thread! Your team should be aimed toward making casual runs of the game efficient, enjoyable and hassle-free.

Before submitting yours, please read the following guidelines and ensure your submission follows each one.

  • Include your recommended Pokemon in your answer, each with recommended moves for use throughout the playthrough. You can include items, abilities, EVs, or natures, but they are not necessary.

  • Remember that players may be unable to access certain Pokemon, such as those restricted by version exclusivity or trade evolutions. If you'd like to suggest a Pokemon like this, please mention alternative/s.

  • Take into account that most players do not want to abuse glitches or the random number generator, or use cheating devices, such as Action Replay. Please do not recommend abusing any of these.

  • Please post original teams. Do not post teams made by other people, such as Youtubers.

  • Consider the unspoken rules of in-game teams, such as to keep the starter on the team, include six Pokemon, or avoid legendaries. You're welcome to suggest otherwise but, again, it's kind to include other options.

  • Provide explanation and detail. Justify your Pokemon and moveset choices; possible discussion points include ease-of-use, team synergy and coverage for key battles.

  • Submit your team as an answer, not a comment. To keep things tidy, we will remove any teams posted as comments in this thread. If you simply want to update your post, use the 'edit' button.

It is helpful to note that these games were released prior to the Gen 4 physical-special split. Every Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Psychic, Dark, Ice and Dragon move is Special, and all others are Physical in these games.

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This is the team I used when I played through Ruby and it worked very well. Listed in the order they are caught in.

Swampert/Sitrus Berry
Nature doesnt matter to much as Swampert is more or less an HM slave
- Surf (HM)
- Dive/Waterfall (Switch as neccessary (HM))
- Mud Shot --> Earthquake (Keep Mud Shot until he learnes Earthquake)
- Strength (HM)

Swampert is the HM slave, but he has powerful enough moves that he can get you out of sticky situations as well. Surf is needed quite a bit, but Dive and Waterfall really aren't, so they can safely be switched for one another at any given time. Strength is for moving boulders, which is handy.

Breloom/Sitrus Berry
Hasty Nature
- Mach Punch (lvl 23)
- Sky Uppercut (lvl 36)
- Giga Drain (TM)
- Leech Seed (lvl 10)

Breloom helps with the Dark and Ice type members of the E4, using STAB Mach Punch and Sky Uppercut. Leech Seed is really nifty, and Giga Drain is grass STAB, even though it is special.

Adamant Nature
- Iron Tail (lvl 29)
- Earthquake/Dig (Power VS. the ability to escape from caves at will (TM))
- Brick Break (TM)
- Toxic (TM)

Aggron helps with the Ice and Dragon members of the E4, by helping to take down the Ice types with Iron Tail and Brick Break, and resisting the STAB moves of the dragons. Also, Brick Break hits quite a few of Steven's Pokemon super-effectively.

Crobat/Shell Bell
Adamant Nature
- Fly (HM)
- Sludge Bomb (TM)
- Shadow Ball (TM)
- Confuse Ray (lvl 28)

Crobat is just a beast and can contribute in taking down all of the E4 memmbers, but thanks to Shadow Ball he can really help out against the ghost member of the E4. Fly is for getting around quickly, and is decently hard hitting STAB as well. Sludge Bomb is STAB and Confuse Ray is really helpful.

Modest Nature
- Thunder Wave (lvl 4)
- Thunderbolt (TM)
- Bite (lvl 39)
- Hidden Power (If you have a good type, otherwise got with Thunder (TM))

Manectric is pretty powerful, and T-wave is great for catching Pokemon. Thunderbolt is STAB, and Bite lets him help with the ghost E4 member. Hidden Power is to be used if it has a beneficial type, if not go with Thunder for when you need a little extra oomph that T-bolt just can't give.

Salamence/Chesto Berry
Modest or Timid Nature
- Dragon Claw
- Flamethrower
- Rest
- Crunch

Salamence helps with pretty much all members of the E4, with Dragon Claw hitting everything but pretty much Steven's Pokemonwith at least neutral damage. Flamethrower can help with the Ice E4 member, and Crunch sacks the ghost E4. Rest is for recovery and with the Chesto Berry you need not worry about waking up.

I avoided using Egg moves as I find they take to long and don't make the game quite as fun. I will probably add sprites later

who uses cut
The main reason I don't like this team is because it has Salamence on it. Bagon can only be caught at almost the end of the game, and it comes no higher than level 35. It needs 15-20 levels of grinding in order to be remotely useful. There are many faster and less boring ways to beat the game, even if they all use slightly weaker Pokemon.
Crobat and Aggron suffer to a lesser extent from this exact problem. Crobat is also outclassed by Swellow.
Just use Swellow. It's better than both Altaria and Salamence. You don't really need a dragon Pokemon for this game.
there's no pokemon that can learn cut in this suggestion
I think Breloom and Salamence can learn cut.
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Using my data from Sapphire. I never did complete Emerald 'cause I got lost in the southeast seas......
Taillow/Swellow Worked REALLY well for me as a Flier AND fighter. I taught it Steel Wing to cover its Rock and Ice Weaknesses.
Shroomish was awesome for me as it had Effect spore and Stun Spore available to it as well as Mach Punch when it evolved into Breloom. Too bad it couldn't learn Seed Bomb.
Sorry about the Blaziken error.... the better one's Sceptile, then, IMO. Sceptile is best with Modest (-Atk, +SAtk.) Sceptile gets a bunch of Grass options. I usually save TM Thirty-Something Brick Break for this guy if he has a Hasty (-Def, +Spd) or Naive nature (-SDef, +Spd.). He's a good Poke to use against the last Gym and 1st Gym. Probably others too. I love Hoenn starters. I also save Dragon Claw for him.
In Petalburg woods, I catch level 6-7 Wurmple and evolve them. If it's Silcoon, I toss it out.
I keep Cascoon. Dustox can grow to be really useful, trust me. Especially after you teach it TM36 Sludge Bomb.
<--- My cousin's Manectric :3
About part-way through Sapphire, I was on Route....what was it??? That one east of Mauville where you cross a lake. They're kinda rare, but Manectric live there. I LOVE them.
They make great Electric Pokes for your game.

Nearer to the beginning again, I ALWAYS catch a Lotad. They learn Absorb and they help defeat Roxie in Rustboro City (They learn Absorb at Lvl. 7.) And they evolve into Lombre at Lvl. 14. This usually ends up being my Surfer for a while. The minute I find a Water Stone I use it on Lombre. I usually have it learn Nature Power and Surf, and some other attacks too that I never use.

EDIT: I forgot about the Regis :D (They might be legendaries, but they're not Ubers, so it's not really cheating) You find them a bit later than halfway in the game but it's possible to get them with 7 badges. This video helped me get them all.

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The question did ask "what is a good team", not "what is a team you like to use"...
Also what legal moves (not flamethrower Manectric) do you recommend?
Huh. Manectric didn't get Flamethrower back then? I swear I had one. I also did not see the comment above at any point. '^^

Bite I guess? Ideally you'd want Crunch but it's an egg move
What about for the Regis?
I gave six in addition to the Regis. I clearly specified they were optional in the comments above.
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Sceptile, Swellow, Hariyama, Graveler/Golem, Sharpedo, Linoone

Sceptile: Leaf Blade, Dragon Claw, Earthquake, False Swipe
-Leaf Blade is STAB, Dragon Claw is coverage. Earthquake for coverage and False Swipe to help with catching Pokemon.

Swellow: Fly, Aerial Ace, Return, Steel Wing/Facade
-Fly is the reason to use this guy, if that HM didn't exist we wouldn't need a Flying type. As is, you get this guy early and it has good stats, making it the choice for Flying type. Aerial Ace is more reliable, never missing, not needing the charge either, meaning it does more damage in two turns. Return is high powered STAB. Steel Wing is coverage against Rock types, although since it still doesn't do much you can just use Facade for amazing damage when you have status (I tend to hold of going to a Pokemon Center when I get burned.)

Hariyama: Brick Break, Rock Smash, Rock Tomb, Strength
-You can get it in a trade in R/S, helping out against the Rock type gym and getting that experience boost. In Emerald you can just catch it around the second gym. Brick Break is STAB. Rock Smash and Strength are HMs. Rock Tomb is type coverage.

Graveler/Golem: Earthquake, Rock Blast, Double-Edge, Dig
-While Aggron is great and all, the Ground typing of Graveler/Golem helps out a lot ingame. Both are good Pokemon, just for this team I prefer Graveler/Golem. Graveler is a decent Pokemon, although if you are able to, do get Golem. Earthquake is STAB. Rock Blast is also STAB, being the best Rock type it can learn outside of the more difficult to obtain Rock Slide. Double-Edge is a very high powered attack. Always get a Golem with Rock Head so you can use this. Dig is STAB, although the main use for it is to get out of caves. This way you don't need to buy Escape Ropes or as many Repels, and as such are able to sell these items for a bit of an extra profit.

Sharpedo: Surf/Waterfall, Waterfall/Dive, Crunch, Ice Beam
-Shame not to use that high Attack, but it has good Special Attack and better moves there. Surf is STAB and the most useful HM in the game. Waterfall and Dive are also HMs. Waterfall is a better attack but I think it is a less useful HM. You can use both Waterfall and Dive if using Surf on Linoone. This is less power but more utility. Crunch is STAB. Ice Beam is type coverage.

Linoone: Return, Shadow Ball, Cut, Surf
-Get it at the start of the game. I carry around five (Zigzagoons) until I fill up my team with other members. A good HM slave, especially with Pickup, the best ingame ability. Return is STAB. Shadow Ball is coverage. Surf is also coverage but it is an HM to boot. Cut is STAB, although it will really only be used as an HM.

Not Linoon, Zigzagoon!
really good team but since you got linoone has a hm slave with surf you could put only waterfall ( since dive become useless pretty quickly ) on sharpedo so you could put a physical move like slash on him cause as you said shame not to use that high attack ;)
Did you mean Linoon or  Zigzagoon? BTW I like how you made the Moveset look to be potential for sweeping! :)
Hey I’m trying this team out right now and I have all of them except sharpedo, I’m at the 3rd gym now but wattson kicks my ass every single time. The only super effective move I have is the ****** fighting moves I have on my makuhita. Wattson basically just sweeps all of my Pokémon with magneton and manectric
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-- Swampert --
Type: Water/Ground
Ability: Torrent
Location: Route 101 (Starter)


  • Surf - Great STAB and needed to get around on water
  • Earthquake - Even better STAB than Surf since EQ is physical
  • Ice Beam - Coverage for grass types
  • Rock Tomb - More coverage and lowers speed (great since Swampert is pretty slow)

Does good against: Roxanne, Wattson, Flannery, Winona, Tate & Liza, Glacia, Drake and Steven.

-- Gardevoir --
Type: Psychic
Ability: Synchronize
Location: Route 102


  • Psychic - Amazing STAB
  • Shock Wave - Good special move, coverage
  • Hypnosis - Put foes to sleep but meh accuracy
  • Theif - Special in this gen, and coverage against ghost types

Does good against: Brawly, Winona, Tate & Liza, Wallace and Steven.

-- Breloom --
Type: Grass/Fighting
Ability: Effect Spore
Location: Petalburg Woods


  • Giga Drain - STAB, and even though it's special it can be really powerful
  • Brick Break - STAB, can be switched out with Mach Punch or Sky Uppercut if wanted
  • Sludge Bomb - Physical in this gen, coverage against other grass types
  • Leech Seed - Great move to wear foes down

Does good against: Roxanne, Wattson, Norman, Tate & Liza, Wallace, Sidney, Glacia and Steven.

-- Manectric ♀ --
Type: Electric
Ability: Static
Location: Route 110


  • Thunderbolt - Amazing STAB
  • Crunch - Breed with a Seviper that is at lv. 28 (or use Bite if you don't want to breed)
  • Hyper Beam - Manectric doesn't have such a great movepool
  • Attract - Suprisingly overpowerd, and again; the movepool

Does good against: Winona, Tate & Liza, Wallace, Phoebe and Steven.

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great team so far, i kinda wanna see the last two members
@resunn I have a feeling that one of the last two members will be linoone because of the whole hm slave thing. And if this was my playthrough, the last one would be a legendary
I think that Manectric could be replaced for Magneton, Also, the last two members could be Salamence/Altaria and an HM Slave like Zigzagoon/Linoone.
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Nature: Relaxed

  • Surf (STAB/HM)
  • Earthquake (STAB)
  • Ice Beam (covarage)
  • Strength/Dive/Waterfall (HM slave)

Learns a lot of HMs, is bulky, and is strong. His dual STAB combo offers great coverage when coupled with ice moves Ice Beam/Blizzard.


Nature: Adamant

  • Mach Punch
  • Sky Uppercut (STAB)
  • Sludge Bomb (coverage)
  • Giga Drain (STAB/coverage)

Slow but Mach Punch with a higher priority always go first. Breloom is very strong and has a good movepool


Nature: Modest

  • Thunderbolt (STAB)
  • Tri Attack (coverage)
  • Supersonic
  • Protect (very useful in double battle to survive against ground types)

Magneton is pretty strong, high resistance and its typing is very useful against the Elite Four.


Nature: Jolly

  • Aerial Ace (STAB)
  • Facade (STAB. Boosts ATTACK when burned, paralyzed, or poisoned, amazing combo with guts ability)
  • Steel Wing (coverage)
  • Fly (HM)

Reliable STABs, great movepool, and extremely fast.


Nature: Timid

  • Psychic (STAB)
  • Thunderbolt (STAB)
  • Thief (against ghost types)
  • Calm Mind

Very strong, moderately fast, and has a pretty good movepool. Psychic + Thunderbolt is a good attacking combo to use, especially since Ralts gets Calm Mind as a level-up move.

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RSE is best suited for Swampert, but Sceptile is better stat wise. Blaziken can also be a good choice as there are very few Fire types. So I would give teams for all the starters.

Swampert team: [Swampert / Dodrio / Slaking / Gardevoir / Hariyama / Ninetales or Ludicolo]
Blaziken team: [Blaziken / Dodrio / Slaking / Gardevoir / Ludicolo or Shiftry / Tentacruel]
Sceptile team: [Sceptile / Dodrio / Slaking / Gardevoir / Hariyama / Tentacruel]

In Swampert Team, Ninetales is the option for RS, and Ludicolo for Emerald

In Blaziken team, Ludicolo and Shiftry are options because of version exclusivity

All six are available before Gym-2 except Ninetales and Dodrio, though you can get a Lombre later (west of Fallabor town). If this is difficult for you, then you can replace Gardevoir with Manectric, with moves: Thunderbolt, Bite, Flash, whatever you want. Also you can replace Dodrio with Crobat if you don't mind friendship with moves: Fly, Wing Attack / Air Slash, Steel Wing, Shadow Ball / Giga Drain / Poison Fang or Swellow if you don't mind tons of 'mons catching very early and difficult to train [Moves: Fly, Wing Attack, Double Edge and Steel Wing]

It is advised to train Slakoth and Ralts using Exp. Share you get from Mr. Stone as soon as you deliver Devon's Goods, as they are too weak and too slow in levelling up, though their final forms are great.

Water types:

Swampert Tentacruel Ludicolo

Ability: Torrent
- Surf
- Dive -> Waterfall
- Mud Shot ---> Earthquake
- Ice Beam

Mudkip as starter. Dive and Waterfall are HMs and useful STAB. Ice Beam is for coverage and Earthquake is STAB, both are TMs (latter can also be learnt at level 52).

Ability: Clear Body / Liquid Ooze (former preferred)
- Surf
- Dive --> Waterfall
- Sludge Bomb
- Ice Beam

Tentacool can be caught early in Dewford town wtih an Old Rod given by a fisherman. Refer the same explanations given in Swampert one.

Ability: Swift Swim / Rain Dish (former preferred for In-Game)
- Ice Beam
- Surf
- Giga Drain
- Rain Dance

Lotad is available very early in the east of Petalburg Town in Sapphire and Emerald. Ice Beam is for coverage against Flying types. Surf and Giga Drain are STABs. Rain Dance to support his ability.

Grass types:

Sceptile Ludicolo Shiftry

Ability: Overgrow
- Leaf Blade
- Giga Drain
- Dragon Claw
- Rock Tomb

Treecko as a starter. Giga Drain is for healing. Rock Tomb gives coverage. Dragon Claw for Kingdras in case you faced difficulty to beat Juan and Drake in emerald.

Ability: Chlorophyll / Early Bird
- Feint Attack / Thief / Shadow Ball
- Fake Out
- Sunny Day
- Solar Beam

Seedot is available in the Petalburg Woods. Nuzleaf is available in the east of Rustboro City. Choose either a weak stab or strong Shadow Ball to deal with Psychics and Ghosts. Fake Out is flinching in First Turn. Sunny Day + Solar Beam is only a good Stab for him.

Flyer - Dodrio:


Dodrio @ Shell Bell
Ability: Run Away / Early Bird (
- Fly
- Tri Attack / Uproar
- Drill Peck
- Steel Wing

Doduo is available in Safari Zone. Fly is an useful HM. Drill Peck is a decent filler + Stab. Double Edge deals Massive Damage, and there is Shell Bell to recover. Steel Wing for coverage. Better than any other bird in stats (not Dragon/Flying Altaria or Salamence, former is very slow in levelling up and latter is very late to obtain (after 8 gyms)).


Blaziken Hariyama

Ability: Blaze
- Blaze Kick
- Sky Uppercut / Brick Break
- Rock Tomb / Rock Smash
- Bulk Up

Torchic as your starter. Blaze Kick is STAB. Sky Uppercut comes very late, so you may opt for Brick Break. Rock Tomb is decent coverage, Bulk Up is to raise Atk and Def. Rock Smash in case you don't need HM slaves.

Ability: Thick Fat / Guts (latter is preferred)
- Vital Throw / Brick Break
- Fake Out
- Smellingsalts / Rock Smash
- Bulk Up / Belly Drum

Makuhita is available in Granite Cave. I prefer Brick Break over Vital Spirit because of 5 more BP. Fake Out for flinching. Smelling Salts is an okay move. Rock Smash if you don't need HM Slaves. Bulk Up is you know....

Fire Types:

Blaziken Ninetales

Ability: Flash Fire
- Flamethrower
- Will-O-Wisp
- Attract
- Confuse Ray

Vulpix is available at Mt. Pyre. Flamethrower is STAB, Will-O-Wisp and Confuse ray is just a filler. Attract because it doesn't have any other good moves (all are physical).

Side Kicks:

Slaking Gardevoir

Ability: Traunt (don't underestimate it!)
- Slack Off
- Fire Blast
- Strength / Secret Power / Return / Hyper Beam
- Shadow Ball / Aerial Ace

Slaking wynaut? Just OHKO your opponent, and then switch out to avoid Traunt! Slakoth is available in the Petalburg Woods. Slack Off to heal yourself. Fire Blast is a good coverage for the gyms and E4 in RS. Secret Power is just a good STAB with good chance of secondary effect. Strength is a high powered STAB HM move. Return's power will be high since you had levelled it up since it is level 5. Hyper Beam is just massive. Shadow Ball if you didn't use it on Shiftry or Aerial Ace for Coverage. At the starting you may find difficulty in evolving Slakoth, so you may use Exp. Share after delivering Package to Steven from Mr. Stone or something.

Ability: Synchronise
- Calm Mind
- Psychic
- Thunderbolt
- Hypnosis / Future Sight / Flash

Gardevoir is the main character in your playthrough. Its Calm Mind + Psychics or Thunderbolts are very Dangerous. Ralts can be obtained in the east of Petalburg Town. Moveset is Self Explanatory, Flash in case you don't need any HM Slave.

Roxanne: Marshtomp, Grovyle, Combusken and Lombre
Brawly: Tailow and a Special attacker
Wattson: Marshtomp, Grovyle, Makuhita, Combusken (if Emerald with Combusken, try Calm Mind Kirlia)
Flannery: Marshtomp / Tentacruel / Calm Mind Gardevoir + Water Sport Lombre = Flannery crippled
Norman: Bulk Up Combusken and Hariyama
Winona: TBolt Gardevoir, Swellow for Tropius, Ice Beam for Altaria
Tate & Liza: Grass types, water types (Thunderbolt Gardevoir for Emerald only)
Wallace / Juan: Sceptile, Gardevoir, Ludicolo and Shiftry

Sidney: Blaziken and Hariyama (along with Gardevoir to void attack drop from Mightyena's intimidate)
Phoebe: Shiftry, Slaking, Swellow and Ninetales (stall)
Glacia: Gardevoir, Hariyama and Blaziken
Drake: Swampert, Tentacruel, Rain Dance-Swift Swim-Ludicolo, (Sceptile or Slaking for Kingdra in Emerald)

Steven (RS):
Skarmory: Gardevoir, Blaziken, Slaking
Cradily: Blaziken, Hariyama, Swampert
Claydol: Swampert, Sceptile, Ludicolo, Shiftry, Slaking with Shadow Ball
Armaldo: Tentacruel, Swampert
Aggron: Tentacruel, Swampert, Blaziken, Hariyama
Metagross: Slaking, Blaziken, Swampert

Wallace (E):
Wailord: Gardevoir
Tentacruel: Gardevoir
Ludicolo: Swellow
Whiscash: Sceptile, Ludicolo, Shiftry
Gyarados: Gardevoir
Milotic: Sceptile, Ludicolo, Shiftry, Gardevoir with lots of Calm Mind

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Not Volkner,   you mean Wattson?
Oh yes Thank you (gets confused between Hoenn and Sinnoh)
1 vote

Ground/Water: Swampert (Nevermeltice)

  • Ice Beam (to counter grass)
  • Earthquake (to counter electric)
  • Waterfall (HM slave)
  • Dive (HM slave)
       ![enter image description here][1]

Normal: Linoone (None; Pickup Ability)

  • Surf (HM slave)
  • Cut (HM slave)
  • Rock Smash (HM slave)
  • Strength (HM slave)
    enter image description here

Normal/Flying: Swellow (Soft Sand)

  • Mud-slap (to counter rock & electric)
  • Steel wing (to counter rock & ice)
  • Aerial Ace (to counter fighting)
  • Fly (HM slave before Salamence)
    enter image description here

Ghost/Dark: Sableye (Blackglasses)

  • Fury Cutter (to counter dark & psychic)
  • Faint Attack (to counter ghost & psychic)
  • Shadow Ball (to counter ghost & psychic)
  • Aerial Ace (to counter bug & fighting)
    enter image description here

Poison: Seviper (Quick Claw)

  • Crunch (to counter psychic)
  • Giga Drain (to counter ground)
  • Poison Fang (poison type move)
  • Flamethrower (to counter steel)
    enter image description here

Dragon/Flying: Salamence (Leftovers)

  • Flamethrower (to counter ice & steel)
  • Dragonbreath (to counter dragon)
  • Earthquake (to counter electric & rock)
  • Fly (HM slave)
    enter image description here
The only problem I have with this team is late game salamence.
1 vote

Let me start by saying I know the rules for this thread state that you need to list 6 Pokemon. I am only listing 4 because of the high type effectiveness for the E4 and the ability to level up faster with 2 'empty' slots on the bench (I keep two zigzagoons with HMs cut and rock smash and for their ability: pickup).

1: Swampert
Type: Water/Ground
Item: Nevermeltice
Moves: Surf, Ice Beam, Earthquake, Dive/Strength

#2: Gardevoir
Type: Psychic
Item: Magnet
Moves: Psychic, Calm Mind, Thunderbolt, Shock Wave

#3 Altaria
Type: Dragon/Flying
Item: Shell Bell
Moves: Fly, Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Dragon Dance/Dragonbreath/Ice Beam

4: Zangoose
Type: Normal
Item: Silk Scarf
Moves: Return, Brick Break, Shadow Ball, Swords Dance

If you can manage to level up to 55+ by the time you reach the E4, this team will dominate.

E4#1: Anyone but Gardevoir should be able to wipe them out pretty easily by themselves.

E4#2: Zangoose's Swords Dance followed by Shadow Balls for everyone but Sableye.

E4#3: Gardevoir's Calm Mind followed by Thunderbolts and maybe the occasional Shock Wave. Zangoose's Brick Break is also super effective.

E4#4: Altaria and Swampert should be able to handle the dragons fairly easily.

E4#5 (Champion): Requires more switching out to avoid type effectiveness damage taken, however everyone in his lineup is exposed pretty heavily to this teams overall moveset.

Dont have shock wave when you have thunderbolt.
I actually like this idea... I use a similar technique, except with a Tropius and a Gyrados, not two zigzagoons.
Only complaint i have with this is Zangoose. He's version-Exclusive, you can only get him if you are playing Ruby.
Sapphire (and Emerald, I think) Players are left without that option.

So... do you have a suggestion for Sapphire players? Or is this only for Ruby?
1 vote

It’s better to use fewer than six Pokemon on a team, so your Pokemon don’t get too underlevelled -- the other slots should be dedicated to HM slaves. I just played through Ruby with this team, and it worked extremely well. All main battlers can be found before you get to Rustboro.

Swampert @ Mystic Water
Ability: Torrent
- Tackle (starting move) --> Strength (HM)
- Water Gun (Level 10) --> Surf (HM)
- Mud-Slap (Level 6) --> Mud Shot (Level 16) --> Earthquake (TM found in the Seafloor Cavern)
- Growl (starting move) --> Brick Break (TM found in Sootopolis City)

Swampert is without a doubt the best starter. Tackle and Growl are the moves you start with, which should be replaced for higher powered coverage as soon as possible. Water Gun is pretty decent until you get Surf, because you’ll rarely need it for any battles when you have a Ground move. Speaking of, Mud-Slap isn’t very good, and should be replaced with Mud Shot as soon as Mudkip evolves, which will be used for most of the game. Give Swampert Earthquake as soon as you find it in the Seafloor Cavern. A Mystic Water is most easily found by taking the one that the Weather Institute Castform is holding.

Ability: Trace
- Growl (starting move) --> Calm Mind (Level 21)
- Confusion (Level 6) --> Psychic (Level 26)
- Double Team (Level 11) --> Thunderbolt (TM can be purchased from Mauville Game Corner)
- Teleport (Level 16) --> Shadow Ball (TM found in Mt. Pyre)

Gardevoir is excellent in the long run, even though Ralts is a little annoying to find and train. You’ll have to switch train until you get Confusion, which will be your only attacking move until Ralts evolves. Double Team can actually be pretty good for some battles, but Teleport is just filler because it’s all that it can get until later. When Kirlia hits Level 21, it gets Calm Mind, allowing it to tear through just about anything in the game. Psychic is a massive improvement over Confusion, and it’ll be your STAB move for the rest of the game. Thunderbolt can still be obtained if you’re not good at gambling, but it’ll take a while longer to get. I got enough money to purchase it just after the sixth Gym, but you should be able to get one a little sooner than that. Shadow Ball, while it comes late, is an excellent way to deal with Ghost type and Psychics in the upcoming Mossdeep Gym. Trace is a little better than Synchronize, but the latter works fairly well as well. I didn’t give Gardevoir an item, as the type-enhancing ones are a little tough to come by, and it really doesn’t need them. Take the PP Up in Lilycove City, and give it to Psychic -- it’s too good for it to not have as much PP as possible.

Breloom @ Silk Scarf
Ability: Effect Spore
- Absorb (starting move) --> Mega Drain (Level 16) --> Giga Drain (TM given to you on Route 123 if you have a Grass type in the party)
- Stun Spore (Level 7) --> Mach Punch (Level 23)
- Leech Seed (Level 10) --> Sky Uppercut (Level 36)
- Tackle (Level 4) --> Headbutt (Level 22)

Absorb to Mega Drain to Giga Drain is natural progression, and though Breloom’s Special Attack is somewhat lacking, it’s still nice to have a Grass type move.Stun Spore isn’t very helpful, and should be replaced with Mach Punch immediately. Leech Seed can prove helpful, but Sky Uppercut’s sheer power simply outclasses it. Tackle is outclassed in every shape and form by Headbutt. The Silk Scarf is used to make Headbutt more powerful -- it can be found in Dewford Town, from a Cooltrainer.

Those three are the only Pokemon you will need to beat the game. Some Trainers, like Flannery and the Elite 4, may pose some trouble, but they can be overcome eventually. As for the other three slots, you should use three HM slaves:

Ability: Pickup
- Cut (HM)
- Rock Smash (HM)
- Headbutt (Level 9)
- Growl (starting move)

Is it really a Hoenn team if it doesn’t have a Zigzagoon? It’s a great Pokemon to dump the garbage Cut and Rock Smash HMs on, so your main fighters can actually have good moves. Headbutt and Growl are just filler moves it gets early on. Pickup is a great Ability, letting you get Rare Candies, Full Heals, and other great items for free very early on.

Ability: Clear Body / Liquid Ooze
- Waterfall (HM)
- Dive (HM)
- Acid (Level 19)
- BubbleBeam (Level 25)

Tentacools can be found practically anywhere there’s water, and there’s a lot of water in Hoenn. Waterfall and Dive are both worse than Surf, so that’s why Surf goes to Swampert and Tentacool gets to bear the load of two mostly useless HMs. Acid and BubbleBeam are just two STAB moves that it’s likely to have at the time you catch it.

Ability: Guts
- Peck (starting move) --> Fly (HM)
- Quick Attack (Level 8)
- Focus Energy (Level 4)
- Growl (starting move)

Taillow does decently in the early game, but it should only be used as a Fly user past Petalburg Forest. Quick Attack, Focus Energy, and Growl are the earliest moves it gets.

There isn’t a Flash user on this team, and while you can go through the game without one, it’s quite convenient nonetheless. Swap between Tentacool and your Flash user (below) as needed -- Waterfall, Dive, and Flash aren’t ever needed at the same time.

Ability: Static / Lightningrod
- Flash (HM)
- Spark (Level 20)
- Quick Attack (Level 17)
- Howl (Level 12)

Electrike is a pretty good user of Flash. It’s able to be found quite early in the game, and it’s decent in battles for a short while. You won’t get it in time for Dewford Cave, but that area is extremely easy to get through anyways.

I don't get shadow ball on gardevoir.Quick attack and howl could be replaced by other better moves too on manetric..Also,I think surf would be better on tentacruel.Maybe another move could replace acid too.Why use growl on linoone?You could use a better move than growl.Why use growl and focus energy on swellow?You could use 2 other good moves.Swellow is quite fast,I don't get why you would use quick attack.Stun spore can be helpful for catching other pokemon,so I don't get why you would call it weak.Also,depending on hidden power type,hidden power could be better on some of the pokemon.The team is still ok though.
First, I think you misunderstand what I'm getting at here. Only Swampert, Gardevoir, and Beloom will be used for battling, the others are HM slaves. No need to train them up if they're just for HMs, so they only have the HMs and the moves they get from level up. Shadow Ball is on Gardevoir for the rest of Mt. Pyre, Phoebe, Tate & Liza, and random Trainers throughout. Tentacool doesn't need Surf, Swampert has it and Tentacool won't be seeing use in battle. Does that make sense?
Shadow ball is physical,and with gardevoirs bad attack,it is very weak.I get why you have weaker movesets for the hm slaves.
Shadow Ball is still a very good move. You'll be getting plenty of random EVs along the way to make up for it, and the Pokemon in Mossdeep (aside from Tate & Liza) are all rather frail.
Yeah,but imo depending on hp type,hp is better.
Also,wouldn't a calm minded special move be stronger than shadow ball,depending on the pokemon?
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Blaziken, Swellow, Graveler/Golem, Sharpedo, Linoone, Manectric

Blaziken: Sky Uppercut, Flamethrower, Strength, Overheat/Earthquake
-Sky Uppercut and Blaze Kick are STAB. Earthquake is coverage, mainly for use against Poison types. Strength is an HM. Overheat can be used over Earthquake for a higher powered attack, and since Strength and Sky Uppercut are physical, and you can always switch out for free after Koing the foe, there is no harm in using it.

Swellow: Fly, Aerial Ace, Return, Steel Wing/Facade
-Fly is the reason to use this guy, if that HM didn't exist we wouldn't need a Flying type. As is, you get this guy early and it has good stats, making it the choice for Flying type. Aerial Ace is more reliable, never missing, not needing the charge either, meaning it does more damage in two turns. Return is high powered STAB. Steel Wing is coverage against Rock types, although since it still doesn't do much you can just use Facade for amazing damage when you have status (I tend to hold of going to a Pokemon Center when I get burned.)

Graveler/Golem: Earthquake, Rock Blast, Double-Edge, Dig
-While Aggron is great and all, the Ground typing of Graveler/Golem helps out a lot ingame. Both are good Pokemon, just for this team I prefer Graveler/Golem. Graveler is a decent Pokemon, although if you are able to, do get Golem. Earthquake is STAB. Rock Blast is also STAB, being the best Rock type it can learn outside of the more difficult to obtain Rock Slide. Double-Edge is a very high powered attack. Always get a Golem with Rock Head so you can use this. Dig is STAB, although the main use for it is to get out of caves. This way you don't need to buy Escape Ropes or as many Repels, and as such are able to sell these items for a bit of an extra profit.

Sharpedo: Surf/Waterfall, Waterfall/Dive, Crunch, Ice Beam
-Shame not to use that high Attack, but it has good Special Attack and better moves there. Surf is STAB and the most useful HM in the game. Waterfall and Dive are also HMs. Waterfall is a better attack but I think it is a less useful HM. You can use both Waterfall and Dive if using Surf on Linoone. This is less power but more utility. Crunch is STAB. Ice Beam is type coverage.

Linoone: Return, Shadow Ball, Cut, Surf
-Get it at the start of the game. I carry around five (Zigzagoons) until I fill up my team with other members. A good HM slave, especially with Pickup, the best ingame ability. Return is STAB. Shadow Ball is coverage. Surf is also coverage but it is an HM to boot. Cut is STAB, although it will really only be used as an HM.

Manectric: Thunder/Thunderbolt, Rain Dance/Flash, Thunder Wave, Thief
-Since this guy is lacking in movepool (not even getting Flamethrower or Overheat yet), you have room to spare for using Rain Dance and Thunder. Thunder Wave is to help catch foes. Thief is to steal items from wild Pokemon. You can also replace Thunder for Thunderbolt and Rain Dance for Flash.

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Swampert, Swellow, Hariyama, Linoone, Aggron, Cacturne

Swampert: Surf, Waterfall/Dive, Earthquake, Ice Beam
-Surf is STAB and the most important HM in the game. Waterfall and Dive are both HMs that get STAB. Waterfall is better in combat while Dive is the more useful utility. Earthquake is STAB. Ice Beam is coverage.

Swellow: Fly, Aerial Ace, Return, Steel Wing/Facade
-Fly is the reason to use this guy, if that HM didn't exist we wouldn't need a Flying type. As is, you get this guy early and it has good stats, making it the choice for Flying type. Aerial Ace is more reliable, never missing, not needing the charge either, meaning it does more damage in two turns. Return is high powered STAB. Steel Wing is coverage against Rock types, although since it still doesn't do much you can just use Facade for amazing damage when you have status (I tend to hold of going to a Pokemon Center when I get burned.)

Hariyama: Brick Break, Rock Smash, Dig, Strength
-You can get it in a trade in R/S, helping out against the Rock type gym and getting that experience boost. In Emerald you can just catch it around the second gym. Brick Break is STAB. Rock Smash and Strength are HMs. Dig is to escape caves.

Linoone: Return, Shadow Ball, Cut, Surf
-Get it at the start of the game. I carry around five (Zigzagoons) until I fill up my team with other members. A good HM slave, especially with Pickup, the best ingame ability. Return is STAB. Shadow Ball is coverage. Surf is also coverage but it is an HM to boot. Cut is STAB, although it will really only be used as an HM.

Aggron: Rock Tomb, Earthquake, Iron Tail, Double-Edge
-Rock Tomb is STAB, as is Iron Tail. Earthquake is coverage. Double-Edge is just a high powered attack. Use it with Rock Head of course.

Cacturne: Needle Arm, Giga Drain, Faint Attack, Flash
-Needle Arm and Giga Drain are both Grass type STAB. Cacturne doesn't have that large of an ingame movepool, so both are used to provide more PP. Faint Attack is Dark type STAB. Flash is an HM.

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Sceptile, Whiscash, Toarkoal, Aggron, Altaria, Manectric.

Sceptile-Leaf blade, Brick break, Earthquake, Quick attack.
Leaf blade for great stab. Brick break for ice weakness. Earthquake for coverage over fire. Quick attack for priority.

Whiscash-Surf, Earthquake, Waterfall, Ice beam.
Surf HM and good stab. Earthquake duh stab. Waterfall HM and another stab. Ice beam only weakness coverage.(grass)

Toarkoal-Flamethrower, Iron defense, Amnesia, Strength.
Flamethower is stab. Iron def for tank time. Amnesia is same as iron def. Strength is good HM.

Aggron-Iron tail, Rock tomb, Aerial ace, Dragon claw.
Iron tail for epic stab. Rock tomb for stab and chance to lower speed. Aerial ace is for fighting weakness. Dragon claw for dragon pains.

Altaria-Fly, Flamethrower, Steel wing, Dragon breath.
Fly for HM and stab. Flamethrower for ice coverage.Steel wing is for rock and ice coverage. Dragon breath is stab and chance to cause paralization.

Manectic-Thunderbolt, Bite, Thunder/Shockwave, Iron tail.
Thunder bolt is stab. Bite is good coverage. Thunder is for more power or you can go Shockwave for more reliabililty. Iron tail is for good coverage.

This is the team I have not tryed but I am going too.

sceptile is better with dragon claw. then u can give aggron double edge instead. even though quick attack is priority its too weak aside from early game, and sceptile's super fast already.
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Weaknesses: GRASS

Swampert is a boss. There is no getting around that fact. So, like any other boss, you need to treat him well. Earthquake is always the obvious choice, especially with his stats and STAB choice. Now, you have a choice: Muddy Water, to reduce accuracy, or Waterfall, just for power. Next, if you are going against anything that is famous for status conditions, you will want Facade for Swampert. Finally, Brick Break just in case if anything happens.



Muk has been losing the fan favoritism ever since its debut, but I still find it to be very usable in Gen III. Sludge Bomb is great for its poison chance. Acid Armor is awesome, raising his defense +2 every time he uses it. Minimize is the classic annoyance move against enemies without a guaranteed hit move. Finally, Rock Tomb to slow enemies and for variance.

Gardevoir: PSYCHIC

Weaknesses: GHOST, DARK, BUG

Gardevoir is always a fan favorite, and can be used for absolute slaughter against anything not prepared for it. Psychic is an obvious choice, due to its immense power, along with STAB. Calm Mind, if you get the chance to set up, is extremely helpful in laying on the hurt. Double Team is, like Muk, for the classic annoyance. Finally, Shadow Ball for a random Ghost type crossing.


Weaknesses: GROUND

Most people, when playing through Gen III, choose Manectric, but I usually find Raichu can do the job better. Starting with Thunderbolt is that classic move choice for an electric type, and also helps that it can paralyze. Double Team for annoyance, as previously discussed. Secret Power for general attack, and can still be good. Finally, Dig is for move variance and helps in sticky situations.

Armaldo: ROCK, BUG

Weaknesses: WATER, STEEL, ROCK

Armaldo is one of the few rock types that have very few weaknesses, and should be shown off to everyone else. First: Ancient Power is good, mainly due to its random chance at every stat raising. Slash for a raised chance at being a crit. Iron Tail for fighting off Rock types. Finally, if you follow this, Sandstorm is amazing if you set up correctly, especially with Cacturne.

Cacturne: GRASS, DARK


Like most, if not all, grass types, Cacturne has plenty of weaknesses, but can be covered if done right. Before you let Cacturne loose, make sure you Sandstorm with Armaldo do make full use of his ability: Sand Veil, making it harder to hit him. Needle Arm is his famous move, even giving a chance at flinch for the opponent. Faint Attack is awesome due to its inability to miss. Cotton Spore is great at seriously slowing down enemies. Finally, Spikes for anything that isn't flying or levitating, just for entry damage.

TMs needed:

EARTHQUAKE	Seafloor Cavern - Deepest room near the doorway
WATERFALL	Cave of Origin - Gift from Wallace
FACADE		Petalburg Gym - Gift from Norman
BRICK BREAK	Sootopolis City - Gift
ROCK TOMB	Rustboro Gym - Gift from Roxanne
SHADOW BALL	Mt. Pyre - 6th Floor
SECRET POWER	Slateport/Route 111 - Gift
DIG		Route 114 - Gift
IRON TAIL	Meteor Falls - Up the waterfall, through first entrance, down the 
		first ladder, south until steps, down the ladder, on the left
SANDSTORM	Route 111 - Desert
Hmm... Raichu dig? Go, Flygon/Camerupt/Whiscash! Use Earthquake on that digging Raichu! Yay, its double damage plus only weakness! Good job Flygon, OHKO! So, i would replace anything (mostly that dig) with powerful moves such as Thunder or Volt tackle, which you can get because of Light ball in R/S/E.
@ThunderSilver well you wouldnt use raichu on a flygon anyway
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Note: flash is not technically needed to navigate an area, and is a fate even the worst hm slave should not face
Blaziken: fire starter generally a good choice for balanced team due to lack of wild ones.
Blaze Kick/ Flamethrower/Overheat/Fire Blast (Stab, blaze kick hi crit & lvl up, flamethrower unevolved lvl up or tm, more power and acc, overheat to quickly finish foes, but lowers SpA,Hi power tm to be purchased, but low pp and somewhat low accuracy)
Sky uppercut(to replace double kick) (secondary Stab, can hit foes using fly)
Rock Tomb/Earthquake (coverage, early rock tomb w/ better coverage vs reliable but late earthquake)
bulk up/focus energy (boost atk and def 1 stage, lv 28/ boost crit ratio, works well with blaze kick, lv 7)

Ludicolo: Excellent Partner for Blaziken
Waterfall/Surf (stab hm's)
giga drain/bullet seed (Stab, not many options, but still useful)
Ice beam (offers perfect neutral coverage with stab typing, leaving a slot free for filler)
Waterfall/Surf/Dive (stab hm's, dive best replaced once not needed)

Gardevoir: excellent psychic type, early (though very rare) and gets psychic at lv 26
Psychic (Stab, learned very early)
Thunderbolt/shock wave (coverage, tm 24, best electric move in the game/tm 34, if you need the tm for an electric type)
Calm mind (boosts SpA and SpD, lvl up)

Zigzagoon: Hm mule, ability pickup very handy in game for free items (higher level = better goods)
Cut (hm, more utility than nessecity, though it at least gets stab)
rock smash (low power fighting hm)
Strength (another normal hm, but more powerful)
Surf (hm, prevents being walled by ghosts)

Swellow: Excellent flying type
Fly (stab/hm, actually decent in in game battles)
return/quick attack/facade (stab, max bp of 102/priority/bp 70, but doubled to 140 if inflicted with status, devastating with guts)
Steel wing (type coverage against rock and ice, high bp for early move and chance to boost defense)

Pikachu/Manetric/Magnemite/Salamance: 3 choices for an electric type or a late game dragon

Pikachu: Must hold light ball or evolve, former preferred. (best Spa of these choices when holding light ball) Fast and destructive, but the epitome of glass cannons
Thunderbolt (stab, lvl 26, excellent attacking type)
Hidden power (coverage, type does not matter as long as it is not electric (though a special type hp is best (fire, water, grass, ice, psychic, dragon, dark), nor does base power, as even bp30 hurts a heck of a lot coming from a light ball pikachu)
Brick break/dig/irontail (coverage, choose two)

Manetric: earliest obtainable
T-bolt/spark/thunder (stab, tm 24,reliable/lvl up, less power, higher chance to paralyze/lvl up, higher power, painfully low accuracy unless rainy)
Bite (coverage, lv up)
return/hyperbeam/irontail/raindance (choose 2, first 3 listed are for coverage: return max bp 102, hyper needs recharge but high power, iron tail hits rock types SE. Rain dance is if you want to use thunder, though remember rain weakens blaziken's fire moves)

Magneton: Obtained at same time as you can get tm 24 t-bolt, bulky due to steel typing, can use thunder with lock on, slow
T-bolt/spark/Thunder (Stab; tm, best electric move/lvl up, less powerful/renewable tm, high power, low accuracy without lock on or rain dance)
Tri attack (coverage,lvl up, can burn, freeze, or paralyze)
Lockon/raindance/metalsound/supersonic (first 2 only for thunder; metal sound lets special moves hit even harder/supersonic can confuse, though highly inaccurate (though magneton's steel typing lets it survive a few misses)
rest/toxic/twave/reflect (heal, steel's resistance's lets it take little damage during 2 turns of sleep/stalling move/reliable paralysis/team support)

Salamence: obtained very late and evolves late, but legendary stats and moves, and emerald's rematches make grinding easier
Dragon claw (high power stab by level up)
Fly (stab/hm learned by level up)
Fireblast/Flamethrower/brick break/ earthquake/Crunch (coverage, choose two; renewable tm/more reliable, but less power and harder to get/physical fighting/physical ground/Levelup, but doesn't provide any coverage against steel types)

Quick suggestions for other two starters:

Sceptile: Fast and Frail, poor coverage, but still a great grass type
Leaf Blade (stab, lvl up, high crit)
Dragon Claw (coverage, tm)
Pursuit (dark move via level up, though weak)
false swipe/earthquake (catching Pokemon,lvl up/ coverage, tm 26)

Swampert: If you need a mon with as few weaknesses as possible, can shrug off even 4x SE moves, can hit back hard, and don't give a darn about speed, swampert's your guy
Surf (stab, both best hm in the game and arguably the best water type move in the game)
Earthquake (stab coming off high base 110 attack, learned by level up (at a later level, but still early enough to be reachable before the e4) so another Pokemon can get the tm)
Ice beam/blizzard (coverage; reliability/renewability and power)
hyper beam/protect/rest (hi power coverage, recharge inconsequential for a bulky hi atk mon, block moves from hitting/Heal)

One more thing: if you decide to use slaking, You HAVE to give it hyper beam, as the recharge and loafing happen together, making it superior to return which also will only work every other turn.

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I'll try and make a team that can work wel in a nuzlocke, though some luck is still involved in captures
Swampert: Bulky as heck, only one weakness (which while 4x, is not a type of any gym or e4 member), and earthquake by level up makes for an excellent starter, especially for a nuzlocke.
Surf: Stab and hm.
Earthquake: Stab, best ground move in game by level up.
Ice beam: Provides perfect neutral coverage with other moves gainst all bar shedinja, and deals with deadly grass types.
Rest/hm/brick break/rocktomb/return: Last move is basically filler, since other moves get such good coverage. Rest is a great way to quickly heal up and remove status, return is likely max power for your starter, rock tomb can hit shedinja and gives even more coverage, brick break can also aid coverage, or you can even put an hm in the last slot, since the ones he learns are decent enough to be considered as backup pp.

Exploud: While it evolves late and is slow, Exploud has ridiculous hp to make up for low defenses, and both attacking stats are very good for in game. Soundproof is pretty sweet, too. Honestly, his movepool is too wide to do it justice with one set, but here goes.
Strength/return: Normal stab. Strength is better than most people give it credit for, though by end game return will surpass.
Flamethrower/Fireblast/Overheat: A fire move will give swampert protection against grass types. Flamethrower is best, but hard to get. Fire blast is more powerful will repeatable use, but low acc and pp. Overheat can work fine so long as there are no other special attacks on the set, and is actually earlier than fire blast.
Brickbreak/Shadowball/Earthquake/Shockwave: Choose two to round out the set. Shock wave is an electric move, but should not be used if using overheat.

Manectric: Fast hard hitting electric type.
Thunderbolt: Stab tm, but you can get it from a side quest in new mauville.
Bite: Best bet for special coverage, and actually not bad.
Thunderwave/return/iron tail: Choose two. T-wave can help catch mons and even do paraflinch. Return and iron tail both coverage, but must use lower atk.

Altairia: This is your earliest dragon, and though it may not seem like much, it is ridiculously bulky.
Rest: This takes full use of natural cure. rest when hp gets low, and switch to remove sleep status.
Dragon Breath/claw: Stab, and gets good coverage on its own, bar steel.
Fly: best option for flying stab, and hm.
Aerial ace/firemove/eq/steelwing/return: aerial ace is another stab option. other moves are listed for coverage.

Linoone: hm slave, and pickup gives free items, which in itself gives a reason to keep him in the party.

Grumpig: Bulky Psychic type, although obtained later, it is easier to find than ralts or abra, and doesn't teleport away. Both abilities are very good: thick fat essentially gives it fire and ice resistance, while own tempo provides immunity to confusion.
Psychic: Stab learned by level up at a decent level
Shock wave: Provides some special coverage
Calm mind: Boost spa and spdef
Thief/lightscreen/reflect/hiddenpower/protect: Thief and hidden power can provide more coverage, though don't use a physical hidden power. Protect can be used in doubles to protect from allied earthquakes, as well as attacks in general. Screens can be used for team support, and even dump calm mind to use both.

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My Pokemon Emerald Team is:

Swampert/Soft Sand

252 Spd/252 SpD/ 6 SpA

Quite Nature: So that it can use water moves well. And speed doesnt matter much with Swampert as it has good defenses. Its EV spread in SpD ensures its durability to Grass types.

Surf : Strong STAB
Earthquake : Obviously
Ice beam : Coverage against Grass and Flying Pokemon
Brick Break : Coverage against other types and breaks through Reflect

Blaziken/ Charcoal (Got by Trading)

204 Atk/204 SpA/52 Spd/50 Def

Hasty Nature: It really needs Speed

Flamethrower : Strong STAB. Chances of burning
Sky Uppercut : Good STAB move
Thunderpunch : Coverage against Water types
Earthquake/Rock Slide : Strong move/Coverage against Flying types

Gardevoir/Twisted Spoon

252 SpA/252 SpD/6 Spd

Bold nature : Helps to stand against Physical Attacks

It has two good movesets:


Psychic : Strong STAB
Calm Mind : Raises SpA and SpD by 1 stage
Reflect : To stand against Physical attacks
Fire Punch : Coverage against Bugs


Hypnosis : Makes the opponent sleep
Dream Eater : Strong STAB, restores HP, works only when foe is asleep
Psychic : In case hypnosis and dream eater combo fails
Fire Punch : Same as above

Aggron/Shell bell or Leftovers or Hard Stone

252 Atk/252 Def/ 6 Spd

Relaxed nature : Ups his defense

Iron Tail : Strong STAB move
Rock Slide/Rollout : STAB
Iron defense : Raises defense
Thunder : Coverage against Water types


252 SpA/252 Spd/6 Sp.Def

Modest nature : It boosts Special Attack and lowers Attack as it doesn't need Attack

Thunderbolt : Strong STAB
Thunder Wave : Paralyses the opponent
Crunch : Coverage, got by breeding female Electrike with male Seviper knowing Crunch
Hidden Power Ice/Grass/Water : Coverage against Ground types (If not then teach it Thunder)


168 Atk/174 SpA/168 Spd

Dragon Claw : STAB
Fly : STAB
Iron Tail : Coverage against Rock and Steel types
Earthquake : Surprise move, Coverage

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Hello! This team consists of Blaziken, Gardevoir, Aggron, Sableye, [Whiscash, Tropius] or [Altaria, Ludicolo]

Ability = Blaze

  • Brick Break
  • Flamethrower
  • Sunny Day
  • Bulk Up

Brick Break is generally a good fighting move. It is almost, if not the strongest fighting move. Flamethrower will just destroy your opponents with it's high special attack. Sunny Day increases fire-type moves, and also lessen the damage received from water-type moves. Bulk Up increases the user's attack, and defense stat, gaining a little bit of resistance from rock, flying, ground and other physical moves.

Ability = Trace

  • Psychic
  • Calm Mind
  • Future Sight
  • Double Team

The ability of this Pokemon doesn't matter, but the ability Trace helps in catching Pokemon and knowing their abilities. Psychic is a good psychic move. Future Sight just adds up to the amount of power you are casting. Calm Mind increases both the Special Attack and Defense. You use Double Team 2-3 times and you are basically untouchable.

Ability = Rock Head

  • Double-Edge
  • Ice Punch
  • Metal Claw/Iron Tail
  • Rock Tomb/Rock Slide

The move Double-Edge is absolutely marvelous and you won't get any recoil damage, because of the user's ability Rock Head. You gain coverage from ground-type Pokemon using Ice Punch. Metal Claw has high accuracy, but really low attack power. Iron Tail is more of the "Chance Your Luck" thing. The same thing goes with Rock Tomb. Rock Tomb is safer, while Rock Slide is riskier.

Ability = Pressure

  • Shadow Ball
  • Ice Beam
  • Mean Look
  • Thunder Punch

This Pokemon is just, generally good. Shadow Ball is quite a good move, and it gains STAB from Dusclops' typing. Ice is needed because the other Pokemon in this team don't have that move. Mean Look will prevent Pokemon from escaping/switching out. You can use that and do some crazy strategies. Thunder Punch will be great against Wallace and Juan.

Ability = Oblivious

  • Earthquake
  • Surf
  • Rest
  • Snore

Earthquake is needed in EVERY ground-type Pokemon. Surf is the best water-type move, and also you can surf outside of battle. Rest removes any status conditions and restores the user's HP to maximum. Snore is an addition/strategy that goes with rest. This Pokemon is kind of a HM slave.

Ability = Chlorophyll

  • Synthesis
  • Solar Beam
  • Fly
  • Giga Drain

Synthesis will heal the user. Solar Beam is an awesome move. Use it after you used Sunny Day on Blaziken and boom; you are unbeatable. Ahh... Fly. The best flying-type move in the game. Who want's to forget Fly anyways? Use Giga Drain when your Pokemon's HP is low. Solar Beam can be used after Giga Drain's PP finishes.


Ability = Natural Cure

  • Fly
  • Dragon Dance
  • Dragon Claw
  • Earthquake

Again, Fly. Fly is quite strong in comparison to other flying-type moves. Dragon Dance increases both Attack and Speed. Dragon Claw is just a fine dragon-type move. We need Earthquake to repel those annoying electric Pokemon. Also, in this team, we don't a ground-type Pokemon.

Ability = Rain Dish

  • Surf
  • Solar Beam
  • Synthesis
  • Rain Dance

Surf has high accuracy, high power, high everything! I declare this the best HM, and best water-type move in the game. Solar Beam is basically the best and strongest grass-type move. use it after you used Sunny Day from Blaziken. Synthesis is to heal the user. Rain Dance has two purposes. The first one is increasing water-type moves' power while decreasing fire-type moves' power. The second is to gradually heal Ludicolo's health (from the ability Rain Dish).]

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Although I've never played Sapphire, I could offer some advice.

If you chose Treecko, you do NOT need a dedicated electric type. Any Pokemon with high special attack who can use Thunderbolt would be fine. You'd only be using electric on Gyarados, Pelipper, and Tentacruel, and it's better to use Earthquake on Tentacruels due to their huge amounts of special defense. Since you are playing Sapphire, you to be able to focus on your major weakness, fire and steel. That means you should use water, rock/ground, fighting, and fire. There aren't that many great fire types in Hoenn, though. Check out this team below, it will WRECK Steven:

Salamence: Fly, Flamethrower, Dragon Claw, Crunch
Golem: Earthquake, Rock Blast, Rollout, Explosion (if you can trade!) or Rhydon: Earthquake, Rock Blast, Take Down, Horn Drill/Megahorn
Medicham: Brick Break, Bulk Up, Mind Reader, Hi Jump Kick
Ninetales: Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Will o Wisp, Confuse Ray
Starmie: Surf, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Psychic
Sceptile: Leaf Blade, Screech, Fury Cutter, Strength

If you chose Torchic, you DO need a dedicated electric type. And you'd also need a dedicated grass type. And a dedicated water type. Check out this team:
Magneton: Thunderbolt, Thunder, Lock-On, Tri-Attack
Ludicolo: Surf, Ice Beam, Giga Drain, Rain Dance (use Azumarill before getting Surf though)
Flygon: Earthquake, Fly, Dragon Claw, Crunch
Slaking: Hyper Beam, Focus Punch, Yawn, Thunderbolt
Rhydon: Earthquake, Rock Blast, Megahorn, Horn Drill
Blaziken: Flamethrower, Blaze Kick or Slash, Bulk Up, Sky Uppercut or Double Kick

If you chose Mudkip, having a dedicated grass type isn't THAT important - Whiscash isn't very common - but it can help. I would advise against using a dedicated fire type due to being too slow to hit Steven's Metagross before Earthquake makes its move.

Raichu: Thunderbolt, Thunder, Iron Tail, Brick Break
Heracross: Megahorn, Brick Break, Endure, Aerial Ace
Salamence: Flamethrower, Return, Dragon Claw, Crunch
Xatu: Fly, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Giga Drain
Rhydon: Earthquake, Rock Blast, Horn Drill, Take Down
Swampert: Surf, Ice Beam, Earthquake, Strength

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I tried to make a more unique team here, instead of using the standard Gardevoir, Manectric, Salamence, Breloom, etc.
Blaziken - Sky Uppercut, Blaze Kick, Aerial Ace, Rock Tomb
As we all know, Blaziken is a rather good mixed attacker. Sky Uppercut is listed, but only because you might level up enough to train to fight Steven in the aftergame to learn it. Double Kick will be here pre-E4. Blaze Kick is only here because I don't want to spend 80,000 dollars on coins to get a TM with ten more power and accuracy. It has a high critical chance anyway. Moves 3-4 are half filler. Aerial Ace is only really for Fighting-types, but is a bit pointless because Swellow has that covered anyway. Rock Tomb is also for coverage, but mostly for earlygame only. Once you are a Blaziken and have learned Blaze Kick, that will be stronger than this in most situations, anyway.

Swellow - Fly, Return, Steel Wing, Endeavor
This Pokemon is very fast and decently powerful on the physical side. Fly is only to get around as an HM, otherwise I'd be using Aerial Ace for its better accuracy that Fly doesn't have. Return is more powerful than Fly if you don't let this thing faint too much. It's found in a house in Pacifidlog Town from a man if one of your Pokemon has a high friendship level. Steel Wing is kind of pointless, but just in case you're in a sticky situation, it might be a life-saver against a Rock-type. "Might" is the key word. Endeavor is also for a filler, but with Swellow's high speed, you could endeavor something when you're low on health.

Azumarill - Double-Edge, Surf, Dig, Brick Break
Azumarill has a massive attack stat, with it doubling the stat if it has Huge Power. That's the only thing making it usable. Surf is for STAB, and is mostly for coverage. It's not too bad. Double-Edge is learned unreasonably early and is extremely powerful. If you want to forego Return on Swellow for Secret Power or Facade, you can put Return here instead. Dig and Brick Break are for coverage. Almost nothing resists Water + Normal, but you can hit extra types super effectively. Dig is from the brother of a man who digs holes near Fallarbor Town, in a house to the west (or left) of town. Brick Break is in a random house in Sootopolis City.

Weezing - Sludge Bomb, Fire Blast, Explosion, Shadow Ball
A nice physically defensive Pokemon with mixed attacking stats, Weezing is a great team member. You already have the Shock Wave TM when catching it, and Secret Power is in the next area, meaning you can have those for temporary coverage moves. You get the powerful Sludge Bomb in Dewford Hall after beating Norman. Fire Blast is bought at Lilycove City's department store. It's very strong and, most importantly, hits Steel-types for great damage. Shadow Ball is in Mt. Pyre's inner section. It's mostly for a Ghost counter, as Psychics will wreck Weezing in one hit anyway. Explosion can blast through a single Pokemon that's in your way, providing it's not resisted. Take that, Juan's Kingdra!

Donphan - Earthquake, Iron Tail, uhh...
Donphan is like Weezing in that it is good in physical attack and defense. Unfortunately, it didn't get so lucky in the movepool department. Earthquake isn't learned until 49, which will be post-E4, meaning you have to use the TM on it. It's too bad; Blaziken could use that. If you choose not to teach your Torchic Rock Tomb, it is of use here. Iron Tail is found up a waterfall in Meteor Falls. It's only good on Ice and Rock, one of which is already countered by Ground, and you'll be seeing a whopping THREE major Ice-types weak to Steel: Regice and Glacia's two Glalies. What would you put on there, though? Rollout isn't too bad, but it is a bit unreliable. Though Donphan doesn't get Rock Head, Double-Edge might be okay, and Azumarill doesn't use up the tutor for it. You can also smack Strength on there, as well as Flail.

Lanturn - Thunderbolt, Surf, Ice Beam, Thunder Wave/Confuse Ray
Lanturn is very defensive in HP, typing, defense, and special defense. Thunderbolt and Surf are STAB. Ice Beam has nice coverage with Thunderbolt, known as BoltBeam, and most things don't resist them together. The status move depends on the situation: Most trainer battles will be good with Confuse Ray, but Thunder Wave is good for catching legendary Pokemon. You may also use T-Wave in trainer battles. It's up to you. Due to the large amount of hidden Heart Scales in the game and the ability to farm them from Luvdisc, you can swap easily.

I put two Water-types here so one (probably Azumarill) can be taught Waterfall, since that's required to get to Steven in the aftergame.

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Team Overview :


Note : This team is for Emerald

Blaziken ( Fire / Fighting )
Ability : Blaze


  • Blaze Kick
  • Sky Uppercut
  • Thunder Punch
  • Swords Dance

Most useful starter in my opinion. I rely mostly on him to defeat Sidney, Glacia, Steven. Blaze Kick and Sky Uppercut are good STABs with decent power and enough PP. Blaze Kick has a high critical-hit radio. I find Thunder Punch quite useful because it covers Blaziken's Water and Flying type weakness. Blaziken's moveset is physical, so I decided give him Swords Dance so that his moves would be more KO'ing and deadly.

Ludicolo ( Water / Grass )
Ability : Rain Dish


  • Surf
  • Ice Beam
  • Solar Beam
  • Sunny Day

He's another team member that could be obtained early in game. I rely on him to take on Wallace. By the time you catch a lotad, you will have Fire, Water, Grass types in your team. He will be your surfer and helps you defeat the first gym leader Roxanne. Surf is for surfing around and its good STAB. Solar Beam is also a good STAB but with more power. Sunny Day is to make Solar Beam a one turn attack ( It's usually two ). Solar Beam stops being a one turn move after the day stops being sunny. Ice Beam is good coverage and a move to be used against Drake.

Aggron ( Steel / Rock )
Ability : Sturdy


  • Iron Tail
  • Rock Tomb
  • Brick Break
  • Double Edge

I rely also on Aggron to take on Glacia. Iron Tail is STAB and has great power. But unfortunately it has poor accuracy. If you want a move with good accuracy, Metal Claw is also a choice. Rock Tomb is STAB too. Brick Break is coverage and a move to be used against Sidney. Double Edge is a move with great power.

Manectric ( Electric )
Ability : Static


  • Thunderbolt
  • Thunder Wave
  • Toxic
  • Bite

I like Manectric due to it's good Sp.Attack, but unfortunately it has really bad movepool. I rely on him to take on Wallace. Thunderbolt is good STAB. Thunder Wave is useful while catching legendaries and also to paralysis the opponent. Toxic takes down to opponent slowly. Bite is a move to be use against Phoebe.

Absol ( Dark )
Ability : Pressure


  • Bite
  • Rock Slide
  • Aerial Ace
  • Swords Dance

Absol has really high attack and with a Swords Dance boost, every of its physical moves will one hit KO. Bite is STAB. Rock Slide and Aerial Ace are good coverages that covers Absol's Bug and Fighting weakness.

Flygon ( Dragon / Ground )
Ability : Levitate


  • Fly
  • Crunch
  • Dragon Claw
  • Earthquake

Flygon will be your Physical Attacker and Flyer. He excels more in attack so a Physical moveset would be great. Flygon would be great for Drake and I don't just rely on Ludicolo's Ice Beam to defeat him. Dragon Claw and Earthquake are good STABs. Crunch is a move to be used against Phoebe and Fly to fly around Hoenn.

Good Luck and this was the team I used to beat the game.

For those who prefer thunder on Magnetric, u can buy it in the Lillycove department store.