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Gender: Male
Country: Kanto, Living with Ash.
Favorite Pokémon: Lugia, Metagross, Scizor. I like them.
Friend Codes: Private
About me: Just a Nintendo Gamer. I don't play Pokemon Go
Bday : Sep 14
Games I played/completed : All except for Gen 1, Gen 2

Currently Playing :
Nothing now. Someone recommend me something to play. Other then the Gen games, I played Explorers of Time, Red Rescue Team, and some others. Post on my wall to suggest good games I haven't played. I play Pokemon Showdown most of the time if I'm not playing Pokemon games on my DS.

Hacks played : Ash Grey, Light Plat, Glazed

Shinies Encountered :
Jan 7 2017 - Found a Shiny Poochyena in Emerald in the beginning of the game but have no Pokeballs to catch it :( So I ran away.

Jan 12 2017 - I can't forget this day. It was the day when I catched a Shiny Ho-oh in Emerald. I was on the emulator on my computer where I play hacks too. I cheated and went to Navel Rock. Then I save and start catching Ho-oh with Ultra Balls. I killed it accidentally, then reset. And I encountered a Shiny Ho-oh! I can't believe this because after the encounter of Shiny Poochyena in Emerald on my GBA, another Shiny appeared 5 days after I ran away from it. I catched it with Success. I'm so lucky. Unfortunately, I can't trade it away for other better Pokemon because it was on my Emulator. How I wished I encountered a Shiny Ho-oh when the Navel Rock event was held.

Jan 13 2017 - What??? How come I encounter so many shinies in 2017? Another Shiny appeared in Fire Red on my GBA. It was a Pidgey. I caught it and immediately trained to a powerful EV trained Level 100 Pidgeot.

Things I hate :

- People calling me noob when I lose in Pokemon Showdown.
- Losing to a NPC
- Have no idea what team to build
- Have no idea what Pokemon to use while building teams.
- Finding a rare Pokemon in grass or fishing.
- Breeding.
- Have no idea what to do when losing to a NPC many times.
- My Rival using a Pokemon that I like. (For example I like Charizard and when I chose Bulbasuar, my Rival uses Charmander. Screw him)
- Pokemon Go players not knowing Gen 2-7 Pokemon.
- Pokemon Go players. (I really dislike Pokemon Go and hate the players playing it)

Starters I like for each Gen :
1 : Charizard
2 : Typhlosion
3 : Sceptile/Blaziken
4 : Infernape/Torterra
5 : Serperior
6 : Greninja
7 : Decidueye

Eeveelutions I like :
1st : Umbreon
2st : Jolteon
3rd : Espeon
4th : Leafeon
5th : Vaporean
6th : Glaceon
7th : Slyveon
8th : Flareon

Feel free to post on my Wall. I will be Revealing my Friend Codes in 2017 since I'm getting a new 3DS on my Birthday! My current DS is old. Also, I sometimes change my Gravatar.

My Showdown Account: Oraim
My Showdown Avatar: Brawly
You can find me there on PS. I usually play PS not PO. I'm playing there sometimes when I'm not in School and feel free to battle me. I play Gen 7 OU and Ubers right now. I'm trying to reach 1500 on the PS ladder right now.

Tiers I played in PS:
Gen 7: OU, Ubers, Random Battles
Gen 6: OU, Ubers, Random Battles

Yeah, all I play is OU, Ubers, and Random Battles. I will try to play Monotype and LC in the future, cause I heard that those are pretty popular.

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Feb 1, 2017 by Emty
For me really the type of cheating depends on what I'm doing lol. If it's just getting the shiny Poochyena I found legit then I'll get my GameShark and force another shiny to appear. But just forcing random shinies isn't where I'm at...
Jan 7, 2017 by Ætherborn Rogue