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Gyarados- Dragon Dance Attacker

Milotic-Life Dew And Rain Dance Supporter And Special Attacker.

What's the rest of your team?
It really depends what the rest of your team is. Personally, I just love Gyrados, but Milotic is good too.
What kind of doubles? VGC, OU, or something else?
It’s just standard VS in sword. My team I enter is Toxtricity, Hydreigon and Charizard. I currently use my Gyarados but I don’t really have a tank. Lead is Charizard.
You can choose to go with one of the answers below, but your question would be better asked in the Rate My Team section, as you would not only figure out which Pokémon is the better choice, you would also receive positive feedback for your entire team that might help your whole team and strategy.

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Gyarados D-Dance spammer paired with a Rhyperior with lightning rod is probably one of the best double battles setups I’ve ever seen. Rhyperior draws all the lightning type attacks and is free to spam earthquake while Gyarados sets up.

Gyarados should have:
D-Dance, (Setting Up)
Ice Fang, (Grass Coverage)
Crunch, (Ghost/Psychic Coverage)
Waterfall, (STAB)

Rhyperior needs Lightning rod ability.

Amd that ability would be fine, if not for the fact that solid rock allows rhyperior to live hits that it normally wouldn't. Also, why a powerful sweeper when you can just run a follow me togekiss or Indeedee Female.
Lightning rod exists because the most common counters to Gyarados are electric types. A Rhyperior with lightning rod will almost always save Gyarados if it is to be attacked by an electric type. It also gives coverage.
Yeah, but there are other lightning rod users like raichu or manetric, as well as redirectors like indeedee f and togekiss. I'm just saying, why run rhyperior as a redirector when it needs another ability to be good?

Not ever user runs a water or grass type on every team, nor leads with it everytime. There is a WIDE variety of viable strategies. Solid Rock may be Rhyperiors more common ability, but that doesn't mean it's the only useful one.

Rhyperior has enough physical bulk to not care about Solid Rock honestly. Plus Soild Rock won't save you from Stab Water/Grass moves anyways. Protecting a x4-x6 easily exploitable weakness is more important, especially when a Gyarados at +1 or +2 Atk and Speed can sweep a team, Rhyperior is much less likely to do that.

I personally prefer Garchomp + Zapdos (Equake+Rock Slide, and Discharge/Heat Wave)

Hard to fight fast and strong pokemon, with such reliable dual coverage.
This is gen 8, and rhyperior is often used as a dynamax mon. This means that it can easily live grass and water type attacks with solid rock. Solid Rock is still th best ability. Lightning rod doesn't help much, outside of redirecting. And, like i've said before, way better redirectors exist.
I don’t like Rhyperior and I like to pair it with my Rillaboom with earthquake and drum beating for covering Gyarados’s weaknesses. My Gyarados is shiny and has Moxie. How about Milotic? Could I pair it with Charizard/Hydreigon?
Charizard just amplifies your electric weakness.
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Milotic shouldn't use life dew or rain dance. This set is better.

Milotic @ life orb
Ability: competitive
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpA
Quiet nature
- muddy water
- ice beam
- recover
- hypnosis

This set's base stats, water type, EV spread, and recover make it very bulky. Unlike other bulky Pokemon, Milotic has competitive, which raises special attack every time the opponent uses something like intimidate, icy wind, snarl, or electroweb.

My milotic is a supporter, and I perefer life dew because it heals the ally.
Life dew still sucks
Life dew always heals 1/4 of the ally's HP. Better support moves like fake out, will-O-wisp, or snarl can often prevent more damage than 1/4 of the ally's HP. Use one of those moves if you like support.