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About me: Homebrew is the most powerful Pokémon. But seriously, if you ever need a mythical or legendary or shiny Pokémon, just ask me.

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Hi, I'm leaving this message to make you aware that I'm losing patience with you. Each time we ask you not to post about a particular topic, you post about it again soon afterward. This is very tiring. You can get information about game mechanics without making jokes about religious extremism. Please knock it off.
Based upon on your history, I think you're well aware of what topics people find inflammatory. Don't post about them again or I will ban you. Please message me if you have any questions about this. Thanks.
Nov 8, 2019 by Fizz
Friendly reminder that you should actually answer the question with an answer. If you add information to the thread that doesn't answer the question, use a comment. Thanks.
Sep 22, 2019 by Hellfire Taco
There's no need to insult people and be a jerk in general. To anybody. Multiple staff members have told you to knock it off. Though I cannot do it personally, you will very likely get banned if you keep it up.
Aug 25, 2019 by Hellfire Taco
Hey buddy, your last answer was completely fine, but I'll ask you nicely to lay off the profanity in both your answer and comments. More than happy to let that answer go through as you've properly sourced it once you've edited that.
Aug 24, 2019 by Sempi
If you believe this to be unreasonable, you're free to explain why this is the case, and I'm more than happy to reshow if your reasoning is reasonable and logical. Flagging my comment and reposting the identical answer will solve nothing.
Aug 24, 2019 by Sempi
Check my comment. Please provide reasonable evidence. If seribii is your source, link it appropriately and where it may be relevant if possible.

"My friend said so" is not evidence.
Aug 24, 2019 by Sempi
Also I’m working on putting up my FC and Discord for anytime who wants free shiny Pokémon.
Aug 23, 2019 by falsebenguy2211
Cantonese Chinese is not the same as Mandarin. Let’s get that straight. Taiwan and HK use Traditional Chinese while mainland China uses simplified Chinese.
Aug 23, 2019 by falsebenguy2211
Cantonese Chinese is equally chinese as Mandarin, they have slightly different origins but are equally as old and prestigious honestly. Your declaration that one was trash (Im not sure what the mention about Taiwan/Hk was for) was most likely the reason it was hidden.
Aug 18, 2019 by Sempi
can i please have a gooy goomy  speed boost torchic Galvanize geodude and Grass Pelt Skiddo
Aug 16, 2019 by mooyak