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I have a great stat Gyarados and an amazing stat Primarina. Please help.

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Depends what you want. A team with lots of physical pokemon would want primarina. A team with lots of special pokemon would want gyrados
When you play competitive, what format/rules do you play with?
You aren't giving us enough details
They are both good, but Gyarados has a higher BST but a 4x weakness to Electric.
Test them both and see which one works best for you.

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Gyarados is way better in Gen 8
With the ability Moxie, you can dynamax and use Max Airstream and boost your speed, knocking out your opponent in the process. Once Dynamax is over, with boosts in your Attack and Speed, you will completely dominate your opponents team.
Move set:
Primarina doesn’t have it’s Z Move in Gen 8 so with dynamax, Gyarados is better in my opinion
Hence, for Gen 8, Gyarados is better
Hope I helped

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D dance is better than avalanche or crunch. It said gen 8 in the tags. Without dynamaxing, primarina is probabaly better.
Why do u need d dance if Moxie and Max Airstream is going to give u boosts anyway?
Number one:they may not be able to dynamax.
Number two: it lets it setup if your dynamax is used
Number three:it can be used for max gaurd
Number four:your opponent may be resistant to flying, and so you cant spam the max airstream for the boost
Why Avalanche when it gets Ice Fang?
Thank you so much for the help.
Ice Fang is better.
I have it on my Gyarados.