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Sure it has good special attack, but it has horrible speed. I would think it would be in UU or something.

Do not underestimate the power of a Quiet Nature 31 SpA IV Primarina. Take it from her child.

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Primarina is pretty good, I don't see why it wouldn't be in OU, except for its Speed, but it could shine in TR, I believe.

First, Sparkling Aria bypasses Substitute, which is a fairly common move. Even a Liquid Voice Hyper Voice will ignore Substitute, if you don't want to get rid of burns that other members of your team may have inflicted.

Primarina also runs a very good Sub + CM set, making it a great Special Tank (backed up by base 126 Special Attack and base 116 Special Defense).

Water/Fairy (in my opinion) is a very solid typing, with only 3 weaknesses, 6 resistances, and one immunity. Water + Fairy also has good neutral coverage, resisted by only 26 Pokémon (though a few aren't in Sword and Shield, like Kartana, Mega Venusaur, and Empoleon).

And Primarina's niche? It is a bulky water type that also has a great offensive presence. With very high Special Defense and Special Attack, it can effectively tank better than most defensive water types.

Hope this helps! :)

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Primarina is a solid Special attacker and special wall. It's signature move is pretty lame but who cares, since you can use scald instead. It has a tremendously high Special Attack, sitting at 126. Its Special Defense is a great 116. Base 80 HP is pretty good, and it has a great movepool. But, the real Cherrim on the cake is its wonderful typing. Water types could do zip to Dragons who walled out their water type attacks, but Primarina's second typing lets it break past that crap with its STAB Moonblast. Fairy types have a hard time hitting Fire types because fire resists fairy. But wait, just hit them with Water STAB! Its typing is also great defensively as it cancels out its steel type weakness and makes it steel neutral. Sure, its speed is pretty damn bad, and its defense stat is... meh, but its only a small trade off for the massive power it gives in return. Plus you want to run 252 HP anyway and not 252 SpD. Also, its low speed can be taken advantage of by Trick Room.

Hope this helped!

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