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I have friends,. though.
SSuperiority - My first wall poster :) Helps me out with a lot of questions, too
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About me: Some tell awful tales of the horrors of Sudowoodo. But in fact, Sudowoodo is amazing, and the pinnacle of all trees.

Sudowoodo, with 60 Special Defense, can take horrifyingly powerful moves like Diglett’s Earth Powers. This also gives it the interesting touch of gold Arceus blessed it with.

Base 110 Defense makes it a tanky beast, taking Life Orb Urshifu’s Wicked Blow to the face. This also makes it a good punching tree for Urshifu to hone its skills.

Base 30 speed is said to be awful, but in fact, this makes it incredibly speedy. It can outspeed demons such as Hatterene, Munchlax, and Sudowoodo’s worst nightmare, Bonsly. It’s amazing speed is awe-inspiring.

Another one of the plentiful reasons why Sudowoodo is great is it’s design. It is the most amazing tree in the entire game and metagame (see below). It is amazing and, mixed whither the Regice-level Special Defense, makes it the purest Pokémon in the game.

The final reason why Sudowoodo is great is its tiering. Untiered is the home of gods like Sunflora, Maractus, and Mega Raquaza. To be in such a strong tier is an honor.

Now I’m sure you can see the beloved glory that is Sudowoodo. Be sure to spread his good name.

Let me just clarify something right here.

I am PoppOlioMan. If you call me PopplioMan(which LITERALLY EVERYONE HAS), I will correct you. You should see it coming.

DO NOT scream about D&P remakes on my wall. You got em. Be happy.

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What is a Pokémon that likes to read?
Apr 13, 2022 by Hellfire Taco
So true
Feb 27, 2022 by BM™
I wish there was a great community (like this) in another subject. BUT NOTHINNG CAN TOP THIS COMMUNITY
Apr 13, 2021 by PoppolioMan
Welcome back!
Apr 13, 2021 by themodernage
Feb 25, 2021 by themodernage
As a concept, having the ability act like Leftovers would be cool (healing twice from leftovers isn't very OP, but is very cool), and also having it boost Def or SpD by 1 depending on the opponent's attack Stat (like the opposite of download) when sent out would allow Stakataka to be far more versatile defensively. :P

As for offense, perhaps an ability that sets Trick Room when sent out, and that Boosts 1 stat other than speed, Accuracy, and Evasiveness and lowers Speed upon KOing an opponent would be very meta, and not OP as there are plenty of walls like Toxapex that can shut down Stakataka even if boosted in TR. :P
Feb 24, 2021 by Staka~
Ivan bean lurking from the Wall Shadows created from tributing Labyrinth Wall Equipped with Magical Labyrinth. :P

Due to this, I see you message now. Why doth thou needst thy assistance? :P
Feb 3, 2021 by Staka~
Feb 3, 2021 by themodernage
Was that ironic on purpose
Feb 3, 2021 by themodernage
Are you going to get a grav soon?
Feb 3, 2021 by themodernage