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[email protected] Duty Boots
Ability:Flame Body/Swarm
EVs:252 SpA / 252 Spe / 4 HP
•Fiery Dance
•Bug Buzz
•Quiver Dance


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I would say Flame Body better. Swarm would only power up Bug Buzz, and at low health at that. However, a lucky Flame Body activation can cripple physical attackers that may threaten Volcarona. Smogon agrees, as it says to use Flame Body as well.


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Flame Body
I would go with Flame Body. Volcarona is pretty frail; so a burn happening would be life-saving. Smogon recommends this as well. However, I do see that you don't have Roost or Giga Drain on this set. Without recovery, Swarm could be pretty useful, especially if you get hit while setting up Quiver Dances.

Overall, I'd say go with Flame Body, but it all comes down to preference.