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So I have two questions:
Why is Kyurem-Black in OverUsed while Kyurem-White in Ubers in Gen 7?
Why is Kyurem-B now in Ubers in Gen 8? Does it now gets better moves?

In gen seven, Black Kyurem was ou because it's one seventy attack is almost wasted. The only ice stab it gets that can fire from it's physical attack is freeze shock. You have to use a z crystal just to make that move useful. It does get outrage and fusion bolt but the fact still remains that it has no physical ice type stab. It has to rely on being a mixed attacker

White Kyurem on the other hand, had one seventy special attack and it has options like ice beam or blizzard in its arsenal. Unlike the black one, white Kyurem doesn't need to go mixed and can go full special. I don't think anyone in gen seven ou wants to eat a fully invested draco meteor that comes from a one seventy special attack
Looks like it now has access to Icicle Spear, but...  that doesn't improve things much.  Power varies from 50 to 125 based on number of hits.
Why can it learn Dual Wingbeat but not Triple Axel...... Gamefreak really hates Black Kyurem
It looks GameFreak really hates Kyurem-B... That's why I played Pokemon Black as I wanted Reshiram but played Pokemon White 2 instead of Black 2...
It  gained DD and Icicle Spear, which was a major contributor to its ban. The answer doesn't mention DD.

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Hi there! Here's me again!
So in generation 7, Kyreum-B's 170 attack stat was useless as KyokaSuigetsu says, due to the fact that the psychical ice type move that Kyreum-B can learn was Freeze Shock, and has to use two turn (Only if you has Power Herb) to complete. In this case, Kyreum-B must has to be a mixed one instead of just a physical one. White Kyreum was much more better seems that it got a 170 SpA and a strong special Movepool.
Here's what Smogon says in Gen 7:

Kyurem-B lacks a spammable physical Ice-type STAB move, making the one-use Subzero Slammer its only option to use its base 170 Attack stat. In spite of Kyurem-B's base 95 Speed allowing it to outspeed key targets such as Heatran, Tapu Fini, Excadrill, and Gyarados, Pokemon like Mega Medicham, Kartana, and Volcarona can still take advantage of the fact that Kyurem-B's Ice typing gives it many weaknesses and outspeed and either heavily damage or OHKO it. Furthermore, Kyurem-B's Stealth Rock weakness and vulnerability to burn, Toxic poison, and paralysis make it easier for it to get worn down throughout a match.

So thats why its in OU instead of Uber in gen 7.
For the second Question, Kyreum-Black was now Uber was because of the new move that was given to Kyreum-Black-- Icicle Spear, which coud be up to 125 power which give Kyreum Black goes to Uber. And also, because of something, in the SS dex most of it's check and counters such as Heatran, Mega scizor, Kartana, etc., etc., was not allowed in Generation 8 due to dynamax makes Megas and Z power becoming banned.
Hope it helps!

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