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In a cruel twist of fate I lost my Floatzel, Jettster, at Spear Pillar in my Platinum Nuzlocke. Whilst training Skipper the Quagsire he was killed by a random Psybeam crit. Seeing as my Piplup and Shellos were already KOd and therefore unusable, and all I had left was a Wingull, I went out and caught a Magikarp, Remoraid, Barboach and accidentally a Finneon. Now I'm debating who would be the best Water-type for my team.

Important to know: Skipper knew Ice Beam, so I do not have that TM available. Blizzard or bust.


– great Attack, good bulk and speed for in-game
– STAB Waterfall and Surf utility
– Intimidate
– gets Ice Fang and Bite
– awesome nickname potential

– big Electric weakness that's hard for my team to play around


– very bulky, with two average offensive stats
– learns Earthquake and Zen Headbutt via level-up
– frigging adorable

– really slow
– pretty crappy abilities
– only has Blizzard for Ice coverage
– nickname possibilities are mediocre, mostly "Johnny Cash" or "Wario"


– it's an octopus bazooka
– vast movepool includes Ice Beam, Signal Beam, Psychic, Fire Blast, Lock-On, Charge Beam, Sludge Bomb, and Energy Ball
– Ice Beam is important here as it does not require a TM
– if desperate I can use Lock On + Blizzard
– very good offences for in-game
– it's nickname is Railgun

– middling bulk may be unable to take Dragon Rush from Cynthia's Garchomp
– very slow


My gut says Gyarados is the toughest and most likely to survive. But then again, Whiscash learns STAB Earthquake and has an Electric immunity. Octillery is awesome, my favorite of the three, and has a sick move pool. Please help me decide! If possible, rank them from 1-3 according to which is the best to use strategically. Thank you :D

My team if you want to know:

Toge | Wingdings | Flamethrower, Aura Sphere, Yawn, Fly
Champ | Verryn | Cross Chop, Low Kick, Payback, Rock Climb
Zam | Blue Raja | Psychic, Psybeam, Grass Knot, Recover
Weav | Flash | Night Slash, Ice Punch, Strength, Metal Claw
Zone | Mettaton | Thunderbolt, Lock-On, Thunder, Flash Cannon

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Not sure how you went and caught these guys in a Nuzlocke, unless you bent the rules a bit. lol. Regardless, Octazooka might be your best fit. Gyarados in a Nuzlocke is asking for a bad time, considering it only takes one stray Electric move to utterly destroy it. Whiscash is in the same boat. Grass types are a bit less common than stray electric moves, but any Pokemon that can be one-shot by a 4-times-super move is dead weight in a Nuzlocke challenge. Octazooka all the way.

Rock/Ground, Flying/Grass, Dragon/Flying etc... are all vulnerabilities,

I fished on routes I hadn't caught anything on yet. There's also a mini-clause that treats grass and water as different catch zones.

I'm not thoroughly convinced by your answer. Basically you've given me a list of their weaknesses, of which I am perfectly aware, and told me the one with the least is the best. Typing isn't the only factor.

Pokémon with 4x weaknesses are not deadweight. I've used Gyarados, Gastrodon, Garchomp, Weavile, Golem, Magnezone, Magneton, Magcargo, Beautifly, Flygon and Dragonite to great success in previous Nuzlockes.
Congratulations? As for my answer, I said Octazooka because he is less of a wild card.  All three are somewhat poor choices, but Octazooka fits the in game better. Take it as you will.