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I have my team prepared but I needed a Pokemon that can learn dig and can also fight against bulky waters like Milotic . I found clefairy ( not clefable ) to be useful more than clefable because I like cute Pokemon. And Iif you look at the sprites of clefairy and clefable in Pokemon pearl( the game I play ) clefairy looks happy and clefable looks sad like | _ | . My other team members need to be in my team , and octillery and Starmie are the ones that are okay to get out. Here are their moves:
Octillery- signal beam, surf , ice beam , energy ball
Starmie- Thunder, recover, surf, ice beam

It says in-game team in the tags -_-
in that case, I'd say Starmie, because recover can cut down the use of medicine.

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I recommend starmie, octillery has the same attack stat than his special attack so he can be a mixed Pokemon, but the moves you teached to him makes it difficult unless you teach octillery physical moves it wont work but starmie has good Special Attack and Speed and the moveset you gave him is perfect proving that
Recover: Starmie's speed will almost ensure a recover first in a battle
Ice Beam: A really good move to beat from ground Pokemon to flying Pokemon and even Pokemon who are not weak against it can be OHKO
Thunder: It will help with the milotic issue ;) but besides that it is a good move with bad accuracy in sun but moves like that are powerful thunder will two shot milotic depending on levels......what? Milotic have really good special defenses I can't prove if it will one shot them
Surf: It is an HM but its the move everyone is going to miss if HM'S were removed because its a good move with base 90 and STAB

I said some good things about recovers but I think psychic will be better: It's base 90 and STAB but it has more coverage than surf

That's why I recommend Starmie