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I need some opinions-
Which should I use as an electric type for my XY team?
(Oh yeah, btw I am using this for In-Game and Competitive.)

Electrode Lv. 100
Ability: Static
-Charge Beam
-Mirror Coat

  1. Zebstrika Lv. 100
    Ability: Motor Drive
    -Wild Charge
    -Charge Beam

Well, there you have it, which one is better?

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Is this In-game or Competitive
Zebstrika seems good. Especially the motor drive ability.

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I prefer Zebstrika.

For starters Zebstrika has a great ability - Motor Drive or Lightningrod. Both of them absorb Electric-type moves and raises Zebstrika's Speed or Sp. Atk respectively. Though Electrode doesn't have the best abilities, Aftermath is pretty good when combined with Explosion. Though assuming this is in-game I'd imagine this would be hard.

Secondly, Electrode's stats aren't all that great. With the exception of his through-the-roof speed, his highest base stat is 80 - not very good, for being a maximum. Zebstrika has a tiny saviour; it's base Attack is 100, however Zebstrika's only great physical Electric move is Wild Charge, so that's a bit of a downside. However Zebstrika still gets other physical moves.

On that note, Zebstrika and Electrode don't have very vibrant movepools, but at least Zebstrika has a more vibrant movepools than Electrode, so that's enough there. Zebstrika's Ion Deluge is also an interesting move.

I'm looking at this on an in-game perspective btw, since I just think you are referring to in-game. If you're talking competitive I'll hide this. :S

Hope I helped. :)
Sources: Serebii's pages

Thanks! All my friends I asked also said Zebstrika, so looks like that's what I'm gonna use.
Oh, I use the same teams for Competitive and In-Game. You don't need to hide it. :)