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Since X/Y, Fairy-types emerged and gains an advantage over Dragon-types and an immunity to their moves! This means that Magnet Pull Pokemon can't trap it and Dragons can't Outrage to victory...
I was wondering if these teams can still be used regardless the new change.

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Nope. Definitely not. Even Outrage is hardly viable on its own this gen.
4drag2mag sucks since fairies.
What happens if the dragons carries Steel type moves; is it still viable with it?
Wha is Mag anyway
Mag is Magnet Pull Pokemon (usually Magneton and Magnezone, since the other Pokemon with it is a Nosepass).

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With the advent of the fairy type, the only thing I can say is absolutely not.
De ninguna manera.

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:/ kinda disappointed that it doesn't work anymore.
thanks though.
It really is a shame. They were incredibly fun to use back in Gen 5