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I’m building a competitive team, and I want to know what amount of type overlap is ok. I’m building a gen 8 ou team.

I’d say two Pokémon of the same type is fine. It’s better if they are dual types, like Chandelure and Charizard, so they have the other type that could cancel out a weakness or something
I agree with primal kyogre but imo the reason why type overlap is not recommend is becuz of same weaknesses which may allow a fast Pokemon to sweep by taking advantage of that weakness
In general, you can have 2 or 3 Pokemon of the same type as long as each of them has a very good reason to be there. Aegislash and Corviknight are acceptable teammates if you need Aegislash to break opponents' walls and Corviknight to switch into attacks and remove hazards. Their second types also make them share only one weakness. 4 or more Pokemon of the same type is almost always bad. Charizard and Chandelure are also a bad example of teammates because Chandelure is worse than Charizard at most of its roles, so it contributes very little to a team that already has a Charizard. Also they share a weakness to stealth rock.
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I'm not very good at competitive battling, so I'm afraid it might not be a full answer.

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It depends. A bit of type overlap is okay, especially if the weaknesses don't overlap. For example, Gliscor and Gyarados are both Flying types, but they don't share the same weaknesses. This makes the shared typing harder to exploit. (And yes, I know Gliscor isn't in Gen 8 OU. It was an example.)

If the Pokemon fulfill different roles, type overlap can be acceptable. For instance, Amoongus plays a vastly different role than Rillaboom. You still don't want a lot of shared weaknesses between team members, though, so a team that consists of Ferrothorn, Amoongus, and Rillaboom is not good.

Overall, two Pokemon overlapping types does not automatically mean that you should not use both. There should not be too many shared weaknesses, but a few Pokemon of the same type is generally okay.

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Is Dragonite and Flygon on the same team alright, or is that a waste?
That sounds like a waste to me, as they're both Dragon types that are 4x weak to Ice. What format are you talking about?