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I read about Hyper Offense on Blaziken's Smogon page, and I was wondering what other Pokémon fit on these types of teams.

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Do you require the answer for a specific gen/metagame or as a whole?
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What format/rules are you asking about?
Gen 8 OU-Ubers singles, and thanks Cdijk21!

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Note: This answer refers to Gen 8 OU.

Hyper offense teams usually consist of one or sometimes two dedicated lead Pokemon and five or four sweepers.

  1. The lead usually has one of two purposes:
    a. Set Stealth Rock, Spikes or Sticky Web to make the sweeper's jobs easier.(Suicide Leads)
    b. Set up light screen , reflect or Aurora veil.(Screen setters)

Common suicide leads: Mew, Landorus-Therian
Common screen setters: Tapu Koko, Alolan Ninetales, Grimmsnarl

  1. The teams comprise 5 or sometimes 4 sweepers. Hyper offense teams do not use defensive Pokemon like Toxapex or Ferrothorn.
    Most hyper offense sweepers are fast, and use setup moves like Swords Dance, Nasty Plot etc.
    Common hyper offense sweepers: Garchomp, Blaziken, Galarian Moltres, Hawlucha, Celesteela etc. (Very long list)

  2. Other things neccesary for hyper offense include checks to Scarf Tapu Lele and Specs Dragapult. These are very dangerous as they can outspeed and 2hko or even 0hko most hyper offense sweepers.
    Common Tapu Lele checks: Celesteela, Melmetal
    Common Dragapult checks: Galarian Moltres, AV Melmetal

  3. Types of Hyper offense
    a. Regular: This involves one lead to set hazards and 5 sweepers.
    b. Dual Screens: This involves a screens setter and 5 sweepers.
    c. Aurora Veil: This involves Alolan Ninetales to set Veil and 5 sweepers.
    d. Trick Room: This involves three trick room setters, usually Hatterene, Cresselia and Porygon 2. Alolan Marowak and two more attackers are present.

In earlier generations, Sticky Web hyper offense used to be viable. However, due to the popularity of Heavy Duty Boots, the playstyle has fallen out of favor.

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Thanks! Blaziken is Hyper Offense correct?
Yes, Blaziken is used near exclusively on hyper offense.