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I think I'll take the time to answer this.

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What I will do here is outline the various pros and cons with a short summary statement. With the amount of Pokemon you've listed I am loathe to do anything too long as it will be (boring) far too long.
I will start with Competitive analyses followed by an in-game one.

Chesnaught -
Cons: Low speed, poor typing for this Gen, outclassed.
Pros: Decent ability, good Attack and Defense, good signature move, strong STAB moves, acceptable movepool to work from.

Cons: Low speed, poor typing vs four out of eight gyms, Super effective typing vs one gym.
Pros: Good typing to face down two of the E4.

Summary: Chesnaught is a decent Pokemon with capabilities this Gen, unfortunately his typing is already taken by another Pokemon who is easily more usable than he is, that Pokemon is Breloom. I'm sorry to say that while this guy does have his pros, he just can't do as well as Breloom can, especially with such a poor speed.

Diggersby -
Cons: Poor stats, with highest being an average 85 HP, poor typing, not many roles to fill, looks ugly (this has no affect on the analyses but it's worth mentioning).
Pros: Huge Power (HA), capable of sweeping.

Cons: Poor typing vs 3 gyms, poor stats make it less effective late game unless over-leveled.
Pros: Good vs 2 of the E4, good against 2 gyms.

Summary: While this guy has almost everything, he's missing out on the stats. With below 100 stats in everything he's just not going to be able to pull off quite the same roles as many other Pokemon can. Competitively his one buff is Huge Power which will definitely aid in giving him a chance in the lower tiers.

Goodra -
Cons: Poor Defense, abilities aren't as helpful as they could be (especially with weather nerf).
Pros: Special Defense stat is through the roof, decent attacking stats, good HP, good movepool to work from.

Cons: Can only get it later in the game, meaning that it faces off with two gyms that hurt it badly.
Pros: Resists two of the E4 and has great survivability with it's HP and SDef stats.

Summary: Goodra is a great Bulky Attacker, with potential as a Toxic + Rest staller, with a killer SDef stat a good SAtk stat and a relatively decent HP stat, it can tank hits and deal them out extreme tankyness.

Clawitzer -
Cons: Bad Speed, bad Defenses.
Pros: Moves work particularly well with ability, strong Special Attack.

Cons: Weak to two gyms, not caught until later in the game.
Pros: Resists three of four E4 and has a move that hits three of four of them.

Summary: I'm not for using this guy competitively, mainly due to poor speed. Even with max speed and a Choice Scarf he falls short of the acceptable mark. However in-game I would say this fella is great to use, his Speed can be patched up using EV training and he's great against the E4.

Gogoat -
Cons: Poor Defense and Speed stat, weak to many common move types, Abilities could be better, limited roles.
Pros: Dat sexy HP stat, ginormous horns, and good recovery moves.

Cons: Grass, nuff said.
Pros: Really I'm getting tired of doing this so I'd like to say one thing, I used him to sweep the Kalos Champion.

Summary: His Defenses are poor and his limited move pool doesn't help. His speed means he can't effectively sweep, although can fill the role of Tank, however there are sadly others who can do that better. In-Game he's great, I seriously love Gogoat, my one and only favorite grass type.

Noivern -
Cons: Other than Speed, stats are fairly lacking for the higher tiers, For example it's highest non-speed stat is Special Attack which is 97, 4x weakness to Ice
Pros: Infiltrator, some great moves to work with.

Cons: Not achievable until later in the game and weak to two of the gyms.
Pros: Resists two of the E4 and has the move to kill the Steel E4.

Summary: Noivern is a threat to be considered despite its ears, Infiltrator makes it great at destroying many of the SubPokes seen competitively. In-game, it has the stats and frankly it's kinda cool having a Bat Dragon on your team.

Pyroar -
Cons: Bad Defenses, terribly unhelpful abilities, 106 Speed base means that it will lose out to Terrakion and Keldeo.
Pros: Good Speed and Special Attack, strong STABs.

Cons: Huh.
Pros: Strong against several gyms, is available very early on, does well against Steel E4, while managing to hold it's own against the Fire E4.

Summary: While I'm not huge on using Pyroar in competitive battling, due to being outmatched in his potential roles, he's great using in-game. Only weak to two gyms and capable of holding his own against three of the four E4. He also looks really cool.

Cons: 4x weak to the most common entry hazard.
Pros: Gale Wings and access to Sword Dance ensure maximum sweeping capabilities.

Cons: Dies fairly quickly due to poor HP and Defenses.
Pros: Strong against several of the gym leaders and able to hold it's own against 3 of the E4. Can learn and effectively use HM Fly.

Summary: Talonflame is good to use in-game and incredibly dangerous to use competitively. It can be hard to use competitively though if you lose your spinner and if Rocks is up, however once you get a SDance up you basically say gg and spam Brave Bird everywhere.

Vivillon -
Cons: Less than satisfactory stats, 4x weak to the most common entry hazard.
Pros: Compound Eyes and access to Hurricane, can effectively sweep with Quiver Dance.

Cons: Weak to several gyms, and weak to one E4 and no move to hit another E4 (steel)
Pros: IT'S SO CUTE!! But seriously, Compund Eyes and hurricane, with potential Quiver Dance sweeping in-game.

Summary: I used Vivillon and I liked it. It has roughly the same capabilities that Venomoth has, but weaker to entry hazards. While Vivillon does have the ability and a nice move, it's outclassed by other Quiver Dance sweepers such as Volcarona.

Cons: Basically a toned down version of Talonflame with higher speed and lower attack.
Pros: Each of those abilities is beautiful, Limber, Unburden, and even mold Breaker.

Cons: Doesn't evolve.
Pros: Dat Speed tho... Also has access to SDance meaning that it can sweep in-game.

Summary: As I mentioned it's really just a toned down version of Talonflame, capble of running a great Dual STAB Acrobatics and Hi Jump Kick paired with SDance and Roost carrying Flying Gem with Unburden, this monster can sweep as well as any Scarfer, but with the power of someone with a Choice Band.

Sylveon -
Cons: Florges wannabe much? Bad Defense leaves it open to physical attacks, while a slow speed leaves it vulnerable to a lot of those slow, yet powerful threats, like Mamoswine.
Pros: Fairy typing, with weaknesses easily covered, Strong Special Defense, Special Attack, and HP stats. Good Support movepool.

Cons: Ummmmmm, Geee, let me think. That sums it up I guess.
Pros: Same as above, easy to evolve using Pokeaime. Good against the Dragon E4.

Summary: I haven't used it because I prefer Florges, but it's still a good Pokemon who can fill the role of team support really well. Also got the kind of Special Attack the'll work in-game.

I ran out of space....

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Something to point out on Diggersby :p
You say it has crappy stats and capable of sweeping. This thing hits harder than any non legendery/non mega Pokemon in the game :P Hell it even out powers Groudon lol
It does have crappy stats. The reason it's capable of pulling off a sweep is due to it's ability and the fact that it gets access to several stat boosters.
But seriously, it does have silly stats :P
You might want to mention that an in-game con for Talonflame is that it doesn't get any good moves for ages (you will probably be stuck with Peck and Ember until you get Flame Charge at level 39 - and Flame Charge is barely any better than Ember!).
Diggersby tho?
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Don't Upvote This One

Cons: Any Special Attack will kill it (the person who calcs HP Ice Lvl 100 sunkern vs lvl 1 Avalugg will be loathed by me forever), Also it's speed, while useful can lead to it's downfall.
Pros: It can Spin, It has access to Avalanche which works well considering it'll move last anyway, wicked Defense stat, also has Gyro Ball.

Cons: Late Game, weak to two of the E4, and not very effective against a third.
Pros: What a Defense, great STAB (Avalanche) and good against all of the physical Dragons that the Dragon E4 has.

Summary: I can put in one reason why this guy is going to get shunted. Ice Type. Let's face it, if we were a really slow Dragon type with the exact same stuff, he'd be top of the line, but because he's an Ice type, he loses out big time. And unfortunately, the reason is legit. While he's great he just isn't great enough.

Tyrantrum -
Cons: Low Speed can get it killed, not the best typing, but not the worst. No Outrage.
Pros: Great HP, Defense, and Attack stats, strong STAB moves, great abilities.

Cons: Fails against two of the three E4, and doesn't do well against the Ghost due to low Special Defense.
Pros: Great against the fire E4, and really, he look freaking awesome.

Summary: While this guy has some nice pros I think he's got the kind of Speed stat and weaknesses that just drop the poor fellow in usage. He can use Choice Band ofr utter devastation, but he dies fairly quickly.

Cons: Weak to six common types,4x weak to two of those types, weather nerf lowers it's potential use as hail starter.
Pros: Great HP stat, usable Special Attack stat, cool ability in Refrigerate, good movepool.

Cons: Look above, weak to two of the E4.
Pros: Look above.

Summary: Honestly I was disappointed in this Pokemon. Other than it's HP stat it has nearly 0 Defensive capabilities. There's also the fact that it has two 4x weaknesses to fighting and steel which are both going to be quite popular in the metagame now. As for in-game I was again disappointed as it was outsped many times and torn to pieces by my opponent's Pokemon.

Heliolisk -
Cons: Works better in weather than out of it, bizarre unhelpful Normal typing, poor Defense.
Pros: Strong Speed and Special Attack with a decent Special Defense stat to boot, decent variety in moves.

Cons: Relies on weather which got the nerf, again a strange rather unhelpful Normal typing, only SE against one E4 member.
Pros: Good stats as listed above, available earlier on in the game, can function in multiple different weather.

Summary: Wow, what a great weather Pokemon, unfortunately for him weather got a nerf, so I don't expect we'll be seeing much of him. He's got some good moves, and I can see him being a really good ScarfSwitcher on VoltTurn teams. He's usable, but not the best.

Aegislash -
Cons: More weaknesses than most steel typings, low speed.
Pros: Stance Change allows for great sweeping capabilities, especially with access to SDance and Autotomize.

Cons: Blown away by Fire Type E4, and ruined when in attack position, need a Dusk Stone to evolve into final form (I haven't actually checked how easy it is to get one).
Pros: Fun to use and sweep with in-game, can be caught somewhat early on.

Summary: With access so Shadow Sneak and Iron Head as Dual Stabs and Sacred Sword as cover, Aegislash can set up a Sword Dance and go to work. He can get taken down quite easily, but the trick is having something bulky enough to tank his attacks, yet strong enough to kill him. Can be quite tricky to deal with, definitely a good Pokemon to use.

Klefki -
Cons: Lower stats leave it open to KOs by powerful Pokemon.
Pros: Prankster and Screens allow it to get Defensive really quick, Fairy/Steel typing eliminates all Fairy weaknesses and one steel weakness, in other words, great typing.

Cons: Can't evolve, stall isn't as fun to use in-game.
Pros: Great typing, Good against Dragon E4.

Summary: Probably better competitively due to it's stall abilities, it can work really well as a priority screener. Only problem is it's lack of decent recovery move. Again, great typing. Sadly no access to Taunt or Will-O-Wisp which would sure have made this fella great.

Barbaracle -
Cons: Poor typing, low Special Defense, outclassed by Carracosta.
Pros: Good Attack, access to Shell Smash, great STAB moves.

Cons: Typing is useless vs 3 of the E4, but great vs Fire E4, poor typing for in-game use.
Pros: Hammers on Fire types like a smith on iron, great for a team weak to fire.

Summary: I would use this guy only if you A) Can't get yourself a Carracosta, and B) if your team is weak to fire types. I have no more to say.

Meowstic -
Cons: Poor HP and Defenses, poor attacking stats.
Pros: Decent movepool, good ability for male (Prankster).

Cons: As listed above, and also psychic is weak to more than it resists.
Pros: I'm having trouble coming up with some, Good Speed stat.

Summary: The only stat this Pokemon has worth using, is it's speed stat. Not worth it, it can get killed quite easily after EV investment, and it doesn't serve to have a psychic Pokemon with those type of stats on your team for the E4 either.

Florges -
Cons: Poor Defense, lower HP.
Pros: Det sexy (body) Special Defense and Special Attack, great team support capable of tanking nearly every Special attack and several physical ones.

Cons: Uhhhh, my mind just lost all of it's power, someone feel free to comment with any cons this Pokemon may have in-game.
Pros: Great against the Special Water and Fire E4 pokes, and wicked against the Dragon E4. Can hold it's own against Diantha's MGardevoir.

Wow this took a long time, I realized while writing up the analyses for Kelfki that I made a mistake and thought that one of the E4 was a Ghost type user, but she's actually a dragon type one, so I'll go fix all of those mistakes.
There is bias in these answers, my own bias, but this is to be expected. We all have our own opinions.

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A Sunkern that uses HP Ice with a Impish Nature, a 0 SpAtk IV, -6 SpAtk Boosts on a 252 SpDef/252 HP Avalugg with Assault Vest, 31 SpAtk IV, and a Relaxed Nature will do 1 Damage, or about .2% of Avalugg's HP.
Was the Sunkern lvl 100 and the Avalugg lvl 1?
I don't think so
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Great in game. It is easy to get as a starter, and it can beat 2/4 of the Elite 4 with its STAB alone. Competitively though, it isn't as great. Breloom outclasses it in almost every way; however it does have Bulletproof as its Hidden Ability which give it useful immunities to moves like Sludge Bomb.


Unless you can get one with Huge Power, Diggersby is pretty crap in game. It is basically Watchog with the ability to use Earthquake. However, Huge Power Diggersby is a good Pokemon in both competitive and ingame with Huge Power, especially in competitive where Scarf Diggersby counters a huge amount of Pokemon, including Aegislash.


Goodra is of course excellent in game if you have the patience to get a Sliggoo to a Goodra. Sliggoo is a terrible Pokemon. Competitively though, Goodra is outclassed, offensively be Latios and defensively by Blissey. It does get access to Gooey though which is a nice ability to use to slow down things like Power-Up Punch Mega Kangaskhan.


It is an impressive in game Pokemon with a lot of coverage and a unique ability. Competitively though, Mega Blastoise is much better.


In game, is is very useful. It gets Surf, a high Attack stat and Horn Leech which ensures that it rarely goes down. In competitive play though, the only thing it really has is Sap Sipper. Otherwise, use something different.


In game, it can be a pain to get, but it is a good Pokemon if you can get it. But competitively, please do not use it over Scarf Latios. It is fast, but its offensive stats are underwhelming.


Pyroar is great in game if you aren't already using Blaziken or Charizard. However, it is bad competitively. It is too frail to take a hit, it is countered easily and is outclassed (Mega Charizard Y anybody?)


Sensational in both. In in game where there are no Stealth Rocks and where base-under-100 Attack doesn't matter, it can shine as an Acrobatics spammer. Competitively, Swords Dance and Gale Wings make Talonflame one of the most deadly sweepers in the game. It is frail, but does that matter when you kill everything before they can even touch you?


It is okay in game, competitively it is no better than Butterfree. There are better things to use. If you want a Bug/Flying Pokemon, use Yanmega.


It is good in game (Flying Press is damn amazing) and is fairly easy to get. Remember that Battle Girl in Reflection Cave who swept half your team with her Hawlucha? Yeah.

Competitively however, Hawlucha is sadly not so great. It just doesn't do enough damage.


One of the best in game. Moonblast spam is so fun, and 99% of Team Flare are weak to it, especially if you can get a Psychic move to kill those Golbats.

Competitively, is is a good Assault Vest and Choice Specs user, and it has an impressive movepool too, so it is worth using if it is what your team needs. Florges gives it competition though, with things like Aromatherapy and that huge SDef.


Don't recommend it ingame. Ingame is about killing thing with your attacks, not stalling things to death with almost-base-200-Defence. In competitive, it useful as a physical wall, but watch its problems with Special moves. You might want Blissey or Tentacreul or something to help with that.


Excellent in both. Just raw power in game and great coverage, and ingame Choice Band Head Smash is simply amazing. If it weren't for its sucky Speed, it'd by guaranteed a place in OU. Right now I'm thinking UU.


I'm sorry, but it is just bad. One of the worst typings in the game with nothing but a high HP stat to compensate. It's movepool is bad as well. Just don't use it, especially in competitive where it is annihilated by Fighting types which are on basically every team.


An Electric Pyroar really, just with better abilities and movepool. Dry Skin gives it usefulness in competitive, and speedy Thunderbolt spam in game is nice. But it is frail, like Pyroar.


The best introduced in Gen 6 so far besides the cover legendaries. Unpredictable, versatile and powerful are the three keys to success, and Aegislash is all of them in one. King's Shiled, impressive movepool on both sides, and basically everything you could ask for. If you want to play mind games with your opponent, use Aegislash. It is just so good.


This generation's Sableye. Prankster Thunder Wave, Swagger, Torment, Spikes and everything but Taunt is amazing, paired with its impressive typing and usable base stats. This is competitive though; in game, it isn't as good. There are better fairies out there.


In game is where it shines. Its typing might not be ideal, but it still has nice offensive stats and is good in general. In competitive, its role is Shell Smash, which is outclassed 100% by Cloyster and Omastar.


A great Pokemon in game just because of its balance in its stats a impressive movepool. In competitive though, neither are particularly good but Meowstic-M with Prankster is useful to get things like Dual Screens up. Meowstic-F is pretty much NU unfortunately.


Basically Sylveon, but with better SDef and access to interesting moves such as Aromatherapy that Sylveon doesn't get.

In game, it is one of the best for the same reason as Sylveon; screwing with Team Flare.

Hope you don't mind if I keep editing my answer to finish Fizzy :P
No problem, yours is going to be better anyway :P