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I have just got in EV training and I was wondering 2 things, if you start issuing EV points to a pre evolved pokemon will they carry over to the fully evolved version? eg if I start feeding Ralts protien or carbos will they pass over to Gallade when I eventually evole it?

Next question, can you go 6 on 6 wifi battles through Black or White on the DS or do you need to run a program from your computer?


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  1. The EVs will pass on to Gallade.
  2. You don't need to run a program on the computer. It's on the DS.
Could you please let me know how as I cannot figure it out, all I can see is 3 on 3 and only level 50 pokemon not level 100.
You need to ask for their friend code and go into the Wifi Room. There you can have a battle that is  6 on 6 & have fully leveled pokes. Be sure not to use flat rules, that is 3 on 3 Level 50.
Thank you for the help