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If a Pokemon is fully EV trained but is lower than level 1000 and it is used in a level 100 battle, where all Pokemon are raised to level 100, will it have the statistics that correlate to an actual Pokemon at level 100?

Okay... That seemed confusing so let me lay it out this way.

  • Fully EV trained Umbreon at level 37 (for example)
    • I want to use it in a level 100 battle where all levels are raised to 100
      • My question: will the umbreon have maxed out statistics as if it were at level 100 before the start of the battle?

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Yes, I have done this and the stats are increased to the Lv. 100 stats depending on how many EVs they have. So they will keep the stat boosts from teh EVs and multiply them because they are at Lv. 100.

Source- I played a LOT of Platinum!

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Thanks! Now I only have to EV train my ninjask and not worry about raising levels!
Yeah, happy to help.