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can i


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Yes you can, since it was in Black and White and they have the same mechanics as Black and White two you can.


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You can't EV Train your Haxorus with Power Items (Power Band,Power Belt etc.) beacuse it can't level up anymore since it is at level 100.But you can EV train it with Vitamins and with Wings
Vitamins are :

**HP Up (HP)

                   Protein (Attack)
                   Iron (Defense)
                   Calcium (Sp. Attack)
                   Zinc (Sp. Defense)
                   Carbos (Speed)**

Wings are :

Health Wing (HP)
Muscle Wing (Attack)
Resist Wing (Defense)
Genius Wing (Sp. Attack)
Clever Wing (Sp. Defense)
Swift Wing (Speed)

You can EV train it that way beacuse Wings and Vitamins work by Using them to your Pokemon like you usePotions.You don't need to level them up.

So my answer is YES.You can EV train your Level 100 Haxorus but only with Wings and Vitamins. not Power items.