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Should i Just train two stats for EVs? Like Attack And Speed?


Monferno: (M)
Trait: Blaze,
EVs: ?
Naive Nature, (+Speed/-Sp.Def)
Flame Wheel
Mach Punch

Should I just Train My Monferno In Attack Sp.Attack and Speed EVs Because he is Naive Nature?..Or should i train in all of the stats?..

Please Help I'm Confused!


1 Answer

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You have 510 EVs which you can distribute among stats, giving a max of 252 to each. Every four EVs gives you another point in that statistic. Therefore, the last two EVs after 508 are not used, as they only provide half a stat point, which is rounded down.
For your Monferno, you could try something like
252 Speed, 128 Attack, 128 Special Attack. Now you have full Speed Effort Values, and evenly divided attacking Effort Values. There are so many spreads, it's impossible to list them here.
Read more: http://pokemondb.net/ev

Wow!..Thank you So Much!