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Let's say I came across a lvl 15 Basculin which gives 2 EVs in Speed, I send out a lvl 1 Torchic with a Power Anklet then switch out to a more powerful pokemon. Will both pokemon receive 2 EVs in speed or will it be split? Will my Torchic still receive the bonus from the power anklet?


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>Unlike experience points, which are reduced when multiple Pokémon are receiving experience, effort points are awarded equally to all Pokémon who participated in defeating a Pokémon. Though they are shared, each of the Pokémon will receive the standard amount of effort points.

Source: Bulbapedia/ Effort Values

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Now I'm confused, the answer you posted contradicts the answer that was posted previously...
Because his answer is incorrect.
? How is my answer wrong.... it's the same as yours.
You are saying that with 2 points, each of the 2 Pokemon would get one. I'm sayng that both would get 2 points each.
oh.... well thats nice to know.