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So I finally got a shiny torchic after countless SR and it has Hasty nature what spread would y’all recommend? And I am in the very beginning , How would I train, say, a torchic in attack and speed in the early game? and how many of each would I have to defeat?

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Which game are you playing?
I’m play Pokémon Sapphire, and sadly it does have hasty nature.

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I say it depends on its ability. Based on what you said, I would guess that you are playing rse or oras and soft reset until your starter became shiny and since it is the very beginning of the game, it would most likely have Blaze as its ability. So I recommend 252 in speed and 252 in either Attack or Special Attack depending if you want to use it as a physical or special attacker. Any extra evs should go to whichever stat you did not put one of the 252s in

If it has Speed Boost as its ability, then give it 252 in both attack and special attack. Alternatively, you can give it 252 in attack/special attack and the other 252 in speed, depending on your preference. I highly recommend the first since Blaziken is a really strong mixed attacker

Here is where you ev train as well as the math that goes along with it. I'm gonna include the ones in rse since you did not specify which game

Thank you and I forgot to put I’m playing Pokémon Sapphire.
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Hasty Blaziken is good in Sapphire. I think this is the best moveset for hasty Blaziken.

Blaziken @ leftovers
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpA / 252 Spe
Hasty nature
- sky uppercut
- fire blast
- earthquake
- swords dance/rock slide/focus punch

Use swords dance if you hate Venusaur, rock slide if you hate Dragonite, and focus punch if you have access to neither swords dance or rock slide.
If you want to EV train this Torchic, then I recommend putting it in a PC and using other Pokemon until you get access to things like vitamins, TM38 fire blast, and macho brace.

use EV berries (except Kelpsy and Tamato) to reset all of Torchic's EVs (except physical attack and speed)
teach fire blast (and teach more moves when Torchic evolves and can learn more moves)
feed Torchic 10 proteins and 10 carbos
give Torchic a macho brace
go to Route 104 and have Torchic defeat 76 wild Magikarps
go to Mt. Pyre 1F, 2F, or 3F and have Torchic defeat 76 wild Shuppets
somehow get 4 special attack EVs, possibly by defeating 2 wild Oddishes

You might want to read more about EV training on this page, or maybe the pages linked in the other answer.