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I have this Riolu in which it has good IVs of
31 HP
31 ATK
29 DEF
31 SP. A
31 SP. D
21 SPD
Nature: Jolly

Moveset planned:
Copycat -- To copy sweepers and fly skrubs
Dragon Pulse -- Bye-bye dragons
Earthquake -- Coverage: kills rock, fire, steels and poisons!
Brick Break -- Annihilates pesky reflects and light screens: Better safe then sorry :D

so.. what should I train it in (It will be a mega Lucario)?

If you're sure you want to use that moveset, you should give it 252 Atk/4 SpA/252 Spe. However, that moveset is very bad for several reasons. I would suggest close combat, extreme speed, stone edge, ice punch.
Just take a set from the smogon dex bc the one you have sucks.
I'd give it Aura Sphere, Poison Jab, Flash Cannon, and Dragon Pulse. As for EVs, just do what you feel is right.
An all physical or all special Lucario is usually better than a mixed Lucario. "do what you feel is right" is not helpful.
We shouldn't interfere with whatever he/she chooses. Let him/her decide what EVs to train in. After all, it's not YOUR Pokémon.
He asked a question here, so I'm guessing he wants an answer...
He should be able to pick an EV for his Pokémon for himself.
If he really knows how to pick an EV spread, why is he asking this question?

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For this particular set I would recommend 252 Atk / 4SpA / 252 Spe. Two of your three attacks are physical, so pumping those up as much as possible is a good thing to do. If you want to kill something specific with Dragon Pulse you could delegate a few more EVs into Sp. Attack, but if not then 4 EVs is good. Because of your middling Speed IV — and I would highly recommend breeding for a max speed Riolu, because Lucario is so flimsy it needs to be as fast as possible — you want maximum EVs in Speed. Of course, every Lucario wants to have maximum speed anyways.

One conflict I see here is running Dragon Pulse on a Jolly set. This is contradictory, because Jolly lowers your Sp. Attack, as well as Dragon Pulse's effectiveness. If you have access to the Move Tutor in ORAS, either Ice Punch or Dual Chop would be better options. I suggest Ice Punch because it covers more types. If you go this route, take the 4 SpA EVs and put them in HP.

Extreme speed is more common than ice punch on Lucario. Just saying in case this affects the answer.
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My Lucario set (physical)
252Atk 252Spd and 6 for whatever ev you want
Close Clombat/High Jump Kick
Swords Dance
Extreme Speed
Blaze kick

Just a heads up... You can only use four of those remaining EVs.
Oh thanks for heads up