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I want to complete my pokedex but the only pokemon I am missing is Riolu (Which by the way who wouldnt want a Lucario). So if any one knows of a way to get one please help me.
Thank You

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get riolu then evolve it into lucario,since u evolved it, it still say it's riolu in the pokedexjust like if u have an infernape or torterra or empoleon

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You get a Riolu egg from Riley, once you've gone through Iron Island with him. It will evolve into Lucario if you level up during the daytime, and Riolu is happy.

You can make it happy by keeping it your party and battling with it regularly. Also make it hold a Soothe Bell and give it a massage in Veilstone City.

or in Ribbon Syndicate in Resort area (check map) after u beat E4
What Pokemaster said was right.  Just beware, you need to have an empty slot in your party or you cannot accept the egg.
There are also berries that make Pokemon happy, however, they reduce stats.
Yes a decent way to make a riley happy is to  train him during the day and he will evolve,though you should still keep lucariop happier and happier
That's right. If you want more  than one riolu/lucario, you can simply breed it.
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Go to Iron Island and talk to this guy
called Riley.
He will give you an egg with Riolu in it.
Hatch the egg and wa la!
You have Riolu!
PS I am a big Riolu fan!

who isn't a riolu/lucario fan they are awesome
Yeah. They are in everyones top 10 favorites.
i'm a big fan of both riolu and lucario.but sincerelt i do not like M-lucario,i don't like its appearence
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Go to Canalave City,get on the boat that goes to Iron Island and meet Riley with an empty space in your party or,trade with somebody that has Riolu or lucario like your brother or friend