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I really want a Lucario for my rotation.

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If you go to iron island, go to the second floor( I think.....)and you'll meet Riley. Once you beat the galactic grunts near the end, he will give you an egg that hactches into a riolu.

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yes that's correct
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go to iron island and search for riley there, fight together with him until you face the galatic members, after that he will give you a egg containing a riley

bonus:when the egg hatch remember the exact time and day of the week (ex. it hatch on 12:00 on friday)go there on that time and search when your lucky you might find a green globat, but remember it's not easy to see it, i got a green golbat this way, but i have gone back there like 4 times before i got it

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bonus:so not easy
An egg containing a riley??!! WHAT THE HECK!! LOL.
A Riley in a egg???!!!!
I think it is a Riolu in a egg, not a Riley in a egg!
LOL Congratulations Your Egg hatched unto Riley!
POKEMASTER? y u hide my comment? to mean? sry altagrave...
Riley use Aura Sphere
(its riolu)