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I clear myself out...
If I want an Altaria with 252 HP 100 def 100 Sp.defense 48 attack how do you get this Ev spread and how to write down how many Ev do you gain on leveling up?
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Go to route 1 and defeat 48 Lilipups or Patrats to get the 48 Attack Evs. Go to the Dreamyard and defeat 252 Munnas for the 252 in HP. Go to Route 18 or Desert Resort to defeat 100 Dwebbles and get the Defense EVs. Go to Route 5 or Route 16 and defeat 100 Gothitas and get the 100 Special Defense EVs. Sadly you have to keep up with them yourself.

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My answer is so screwed. o_o
this just one suggestion there are many other ways to get that spread i just listed the pokemon i use for those kinds of EVs(Attack,Special Defense,Defense, and Hit Points)
Yeah, but mine is... Ya know... Crappy.
also get a few power items. it will save you time in teh long run.
That too i tend to not use mine i always forget to XD
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Well, spread is hard to do in-game. Best you could do is to find wild Pokemon and check what EVs they give. Then write all that you've fought and go on like that. But I highly doubt that'd actually work the way it seems.