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Its ability is Flower Veil, and nature is Docile.

Moveset -
Razor Leaf
Solar Beam

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For this EV investment, you might want to consider getting a Flabebe or Floette with a Bold Nature as Florges's defense stat is pretty lackluster.

252 HP
252 Def
4 SpD
This EV set helps Florges take physical hits a bit better. It still has outstanding Special Defense, so the additional boost isn't as necessary as one in defense.

Also, definitely change its moveset. Give it Calm Mind for sure and consider moves such as Moonblast and Aromatherapy. You might want to switch Wish for Synthesis but that's up to you.

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252 spd, 252 hp, 4 spa

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252SpA, 200Spe, 58HP

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