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Because I was thinking...with Evolite, both of Floette's defenses would be stronger than its evolution's, wouldn't they?


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With eviolite, floette would have a minimum base sp defense of 270. Florges has a min sp defense of 281. Its minimum defense would be 133.5 (134). Florges min defense is 126.

Florges is MUCH better then floette. Floette can't get moonblast, wish, aromatherapy, or anything like that. Plus floette has lower special defense, terrible hp, and its defense isn't that much higher. Plus it can't do much with its miserable sp attack stat.

In other words, no recovery, barely any support moves, not the greatest stats, how would floette outclass florges?

Florges is my favorite X and Y Pokemon! It was the first competitive poke I bred, and its set still works! here it is!

enter image description here

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Ability: Flower Veil
Bold nature 252 defense, 252 hp, 4 sp defense
Calm mind

Florges has a high enough special defense that it doesn't need investment! You send it out and use calm mind, increasing your special defense to skyrocket levels as well as your special attack. Wish and protect is to stall and heal while setting up. And after that, moonblast is there to sweep. After calm mind boosts, moonblast also hits stuff that resist pretty hard. With its defense evs, it can live a poison jab from a max attack garchomp.

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Floette can get Moonblast, Wish, and Autopheripy (I spelled that wrong but Idc) just look on her PokeDex page
Also I don't know where you got those stats from, but Floette DOES have better sp. def with Eviolite. Floette has a max sp. def of 324 (486 with Eviolite) while Florges has a max sp. def of 447.
I don't know why this got voted best answer. You are wrong about everything.

First off, Floette with eviolite has better defense stats.
Second, Floette does learn moonblast and all those moves you listed. Heck, you cannot get them with Florges alone.

Next time, do your research.
It's up to the inquirer to select BA, and Sparky obviously thought this was the better answer. It is partially incorrect regardless, but it is also a year old and there's really no point in bringing that up now.
Isn't floette the only pokemon to learn the toughest fairy type move?
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Well, Florges is already a special tank, and eviolite floette is ok, but if you hack and get floette eternal form then that's the way to go, but it's not available yet, so I'd recommend Florges instead.

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Trait: flower veil
Bold nature
Hidden Power fire

Hope I helped!